Are Your Pictures Legal?

By Ron Rosenberg

Selfie Image - Stock UnlimitedIt's easy to assume that you can use anything you find on the Internet, including music, videos, and photos.

I mean, it's all out there for everyone to see, so why not?

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. There are strict copyright laws in place to protect individuals and companies that develop and produce these kinds of media, and the penalties for unauthorized use can be severe.

So how can you include images and other media in your print and online materials like we do here?

The answer is to find a robust and reliable source of what is known as "stock photography" where the owners of the individual images license their use for a fee.

There are many different options, some that specialize in particular genres. One we recently discovered,, has a special introductory offer - just $89 for three years of unlimited access to over 1 million images - all of which you are free to use with no additional fees!

Just click here to try it out -  they offer a seven-day guarantee so there's nothing to lose!







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