Become the Champion of Your Business!

Night ImageBy Lorie Rosenberg

When you walk down a dark city street at night, you know how vital it is to be aware, alert, and prepared in case you sense danger. And yet, even as you read this, your business is just as vulnerable to an assault–at any time–from a multitude of sources that you may not even be aware of.

The good news is that even in a volatile and uncertain business environment, you can dramati­cally grow your business and increase your just need proven tools and tactics to help you manage your business more effectively. You also need a winning mindset to know that you will succeed even when the competition is beating down your door and you're fighting to do the things you know will move your business forward.

Here are ten characteristics and behaviors that will help you be the champion of your business and create an endless stream of loyal customers, clients or members; defend against encroaching competition; and create a thriv­ing, sustainable business.

Ten Tactics to Help You Succeed

1 AttentiveWhen you’re attacked, whether it’s a physical assault on the street or from a competitor down the block, you always need to be aware of your environment and your surroundings. You see, you never know when or where an attack might come from. You basically need eyes in the back of your head to sense the warning signs so you can avoid an attack in the first place. By understanding your organization and being attentive to your business environ­ment, you will always have a strategy to ward off any type of assault.

2 Defensive–As a business person, it shouldn’t be your desire to attack your competitors and try to put them out of business. There usually is enough business for everyone. However, it’s important to defend your competitive posi­tion to continue to grow and be successful. That’s why you must understand all the weapons available in your arse­nal to defend your business and not be outmaneuvered or outperformed by a competitor. It’s the same on the street. You should feel confident in all the options you have to protect yourself and feel safe and secure wherever you go.

3 Disciplined–This is one of the most critical areas that will determine whether you’re successful or not in your business and in your personal life. That’s because it takes discipline to train for any possible problem that might arise. You need to maintain a strict schedule of workouts to ensure that you’re physically fit. And you should do the same thing in your business to stay “fiscally fit.” Defending your business is not for’s for people who have the discipline to train hard every day and maintain their competitive edge.

4 Decisive–With the competitive nature of today’s business environment, owners and managers of businesses and organizations need to take decisive steps to counter the aggressive tactics of their competitors. By selecting a definitive course of action based on knowledge and experience, and carry­ing it through without hesitation or deviation, businesses, as well as individuals, can survive a direct attack and come out, perhaps a little cut and bruised, but definitely on the winning end of the battle.

5 Aggressive–Businesses and organizations today must develop unique skills to survive in today’s competitive world. It’s not uncommon for a big-box company to move in down the street and com­pletely destroy a company that’s been in business for years. That’s why you need to use all of the resources at your disposal and use them ruthlessly to survive assaults from multiple attackers and from a variety of directions. When you’re out-numbered, you must do whatever is necessary to counter attack to save your life and your business. Use every strategy you can to distinguish yourself from the competition and create a reason for prospects to choose you over your competition.

6 Speedy–The perfect fight is the one that is over before the opponent understands what hit him. And that can be a big problem may not even be aware that an attack is coming and once you do, it may be too late. That’s why you always have to be aware of your environment so you can adapt to new trends, changing technologies, and the evolving wants of customers. Once you see that a change needs to be made, you should move quickly before your competitor over­takes you. In many situations, speed is power and that’s what you need to survive.

7 Confident–As with any confrontation, whether it’s on the street or in a boardroom, you need to always maintain a confident frontal defense. Your competition can sense weakness in your business, from how you hire employees to the way you treat your customers. If they see an opening where they can steal some of your business and cut in on your profits, they won’t hesitate to do it. That’s why you should work hard to maintain a strong following of custom­ers, clients, and members who want to do business with you. By positioning your­self as a confident, profitable, and welcoming enterprise, you’ll scare away ruthless competitors who will do anything to try to hone in on your territory and ambush your business.

8 Focused–Your ability to focus on a task is one of the most important qualities you can have to be successful. When you put all of your energy towards achieving a single goal, it usually gets accomplished. When you con­tinually stray from a task or get distracted, you never seem to accomplish anything. Sometimes giving yourself a hard deadline kicks you into high gear and helps you move for­ward faster. You’ll be amazed at your progress and you’ll be proud of your accomplishments.

9Innovative–In any competitive environment, you should be prepared for the unexpected. Most businesses copy what others are doing in their industry and hope they do it better. What they don’t understand is that many times it’s better to try something unusual and unexpected and completely differentiate their offering from the competition. That’s your Unique Selling Proposition and it can truly set you apart. By doing what your competition least expects, you take them out of the match entirely. And your custom­ers will love you for it!

10 Successful–To be successful, you need to win before the battle even begins. You always have to be on the lookout for new ideas and strategies from mentors and coaches, from books and learning resources, and from studying what others are doing successfully in your industry and in other markets.

Your Formula for Success

Your formula for success and  becoming the champion of your business:

  • Incorporate these ten tactics into your business arsenal to ensure you're ahead of the competition every step of the way
  • Always work with people you can trust and who have a track record of success
  • Effectively differentiate yourself from your competition by promoting your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Move quickly and decisively on your goals and win the fight before it even begins.








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