Business Cards...With a Twist!

By Ron Rosenberg

"Can I have your business card?" This is a question you'll hear frequently on airplanes, in meetings, and at various networking events. If you're like most people, you have business cards, but they probably look just like the ones everyone else has.

How about trying something different?

The one I use is an oversized, full color, double-sided business card, featuring a full-color photo. Plus, it has an additional secret benefit in that it can help you build relationships with your new contacts!


First, the Details...

Size: The card is slightly larger than a standard business card, with the actual dimensions of 2 1/4 by 3 3/4 inches. This means that when someone gets a stack of business cards at a meeting or conference, this card will stand out - quite literally - by its size. And if the person decides to fold it in half so it fits into a card holder, well then as soon she removes it from the stack, it will spring open like a jack-in-the box - with my card open in the middle.

Full-Color: Most business cards are simple enough: white card stock with black printing, sometimes with a "spot" color or two. Of course, there are now many online "print-on-demand" vendors that will produce full-color cards, but these are always from a series of template options that are easily recognizable and very common, making them anything but unique.

Double-Sided: Far too many business cards fail to take advantage of a valuable piece of marketing real estate - the back of the business card. Oh, I know there's a school of thought that says you should intentionally leave it blank so the person you've just given your card to can write notes there about your interaction, but I promise you I've seen almost no one actually do that with someone's card. Isn't it better, therefore, to use that space to provide as much helpful information to that person as you can?

Full-Color Photo: I don't know about you, but whenever I attend a conference, I'll meet hundreds of people who want to give me their business cards. And while I'm one of the few people who make notes on the cards I receive (with a Sharpie pen, so it doesn't much matter if they leave me a blank side), it's still tough to actually remember who was who. There's never any doubt about that with these cards - the full-color photo on the front clearly reminds them who I am.

The Additional Secret Benefit!

You'll see on the face of the card, in blue type to the right of my face, some copy that reads:

Go to for
Free Online Resources to Help You Add
New Customers and Increase Retention!

This is a strong and compelling call to action that people can take advantage of whenever they're reviewing what they've learned at the event. And when they visit that page, they'll see this screen:

Hopefully, the first thing you notice - aside from the face - is that this is a dedicated landing page.  The "look and feel" of the page is exactly the same as on the business card. This is a concept we call the "hand-off," and it helps reassure people receiving my card that they're in the right place.

Next, you should notice that there's a "squeeze page" section that they have to complete to get the special bonus interviews. Naturally, this connects with our CRM system and adds them to a special marketing-automation sequence that not only sends them a link to the resources but also initiates a separate relationship-building series of email messages.

So you see, rather than just have a plain-vanilla, run-of-the-mill business card that gets dumped as soon as the person gets back to the office, we've turned ours into a complete lead-generation system, complete with an offer, a landing page, a squeeze page, and a follow-up marketing-automation sequence!

What will you do with your business cards now?