By Ron Rosenberg

Camtasia 9There’s an old expression that “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” And this can come in handy when you’re trying to communicate the benefits of anything your prospects will access via the computer, which includes software, presentations, and websites.  You can write manuals and “cheat sheets” on how to navigate these areas, but for the best results, nothing beats pictures. And what’s better than still pictures? Movies, of course!

That’s where a great program that we use can help. It’s called Camtasia and it basically functions the same as taking a “screenshot” of your computer, except that you can actually record a “movie” of everything you see on your screen–as it’s happening–and even record your own description of what’s happening at the same time!

It’s extremely easy–you just launch the Camtasia Control Panel, select the recording area, indicate whether you want to record audio, webcam video, or both...and push the “record” button.

The easy-to-use Camtasia recording screen

What’s more, you can easily edit the movie after you record it to zoom in and out, highlight relevant parts of the screen, and add notes and “callout” boxes. And when you’re done editing, you can burn the final copy to a DVD or CD-ROM, create an MP4 or Flash file to use on your website, or even upload it to the free Screencast account that’s included with the software so people can access it directly from their computers.

Camtasia editing screen

Here are far too many uses for this powerful software to describe in this short article, and you’re truly limited only by your imagination. We’ve used it ourselves to create training videos for our remote support team, review program options for our speaking clients, and critique marketing materials for our coaching members.

Video is fast becoming not just a “nice thing to have,” but rather an essential component in your marketing mix. Now that you can turn your computer into a professional recording and editing studio, there’s really no excuse to sit on the sidelines and let this important technology pass you by.

And best of all, despite the extensive list of features and capabilities, Camtasia is surprisingly affordable.

You can purchase it from most online dealers and catalogs. And there are discounts for non-profit and educational users. You can find out more by visiting

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