Can We AssistU?

By Ron Rosenberg

Happy businesswoman with pictures interface in front of laptop on world map background

No, it’s not a typo, because this month we’re talking about another great outsourcing opportunity called AssistU. (

By now, you should be well familiar with the importance of outsourcing nonessential tasks so you’re left with just the core competencies – the unique value-added functions only you can do. Paying ruthless attention to this in our own multifaceted business has freed up incredible amounts of time for us...not to mention contributing to record revenue levels.

Similar to Upwork, AssistU lets you post jobs and search for help – this time in the form of Virtual Assistants (VA).

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of a VA, it’s kind of like having an administrative assistant, but one that doesn’t work full time or exclusively for you, and, in all likelihood, is not located in the same city or even country as you.

Technology including the Internet, web-based CRM systems and calendars, and Skype, make it almost irrelevant where a VA lives.

Over the years, we've had virtual assistants working for us who are based in Ohio, Georgia, and in the Philippines. The distance has had absolutely no impact on the quality of the work they've done for us – and many times these VAs have served as the primary contact for our customers and clients!

Using AssistU is easy. A series of questions guide you through the process, and then you make your selection.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with administrative details, then finding a VA through AssistU may help you free up your valuable time!