Follow Your Nose - The Power of Intention

dog sniffingBy Lorie Rosenberg

Recently we celebrated a very special anniversary. No, it wasn’t our wedding anniversary. It was the date we bought our new townhouse where we’re currently living. It was part of plan to simplify our lives and downsize since the kids were out of the house and on their own.  There were months of planning, preparation, and action that preceded that event. But that was really only the beginning…as we had much to do to sell our old house and get our new house ready to move into.

When you decide on a particular goal or objective - just like starting a business, planning a wedding, or buying a house - it’s the power of intention that brings all facets of the goal to fruition and moves you continually closer to your goal.

One of the things we really like about our new home is that it’s situated among several beautiful subdivisions in a neighborhood called Heritage. The residential streets are lined with trees and sidewalks and many people in the neighborhoods walk their dogs every day.

Dogs are really funny creatures to watch as they walk with their owners. Some stay closely at their owners’ sides while others pull on the leash trying to get to some mailbox, trash can, or bush where they can sniff another dog’s scent and mark their territory.

If you’re a dog owner, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You see…for dogs, taking a walk is about the best thing on earth they can do. The dog we had then, Chico, got so excited when you told him he'd be going for a walk that he'd start barking and whining - you could barely get his leash on him because he’d be jumping around and running for the door.

Dogs pretty much have a one-track mind. And when they go on a walk their nose tells them exactly where to go. Most of the time on our walks, Chico’s nose would be practically pressed to the ground because he was so intent on marking his territory and putting his scent on everything he saw. There were actually times during our walk when there’ was nothing left in him to mark his territory. But he didn't even notice because he was on a mission and nothing would stop him from his goal.

It’s this same power of intention that moves people toward their goals. Think about it. When you travel anywhere, it’s your eyes that look to the direction you want to go and your nose that points towards your final destination. When you move diligently and purposefully towards a goal and work through any obstacles in your way…when you put all of your body and soul behind your objective, it’s amazing what you can accomplish!

Months before we purchased our new home, Ron and I had discussions about how life was getting overwhelming. There was so much to do around the house to keep up with the cleaning, yard work, and general maintenance. The house was too big for us since the kids had left and instead of enjoying living there, we were spending most our free time trying to keep up with the weekly chores.

We knew we wanted to sell the house at some point, but hadn’t thought of doing it quite so soon. But I kept mulling over the idea and said to Ron, “Maybe now’s the right time to downsize so we have less to maintain around the house, less financial commitments, and more time to enjoy life. If we want to travel, all we will need to do is lock the front door and be on our way!

So we decided to look at where we might want to live and see if we could find something that would meet our needs. We searched the internet for options and had our realtor take us around to look at several homes. It took us about six months to find exactly what we were looking for. Once we saw the townhouse we decided that it was right for us and we took the plunge and bought the house.

But that really was the easy part. We had to get our current home ready to sell and this was in a difficult housing market. We could potentially be exposed for several months trying to sell the house. I confidently told Ron not to worry…“The house would sell within 30 days!” His reply was, “You really think so?” And I said, “Absolutely!”

I was optimistically confident. Every house we had sold had been under 60 days, with one house actually selling in 3 days! But all of the previous homes had been sold in reasonably good housing markets.

28 days later the house was under contract. I had begun to sweat a bit when it started getting close to the 30-day mark, but I kept my nose pointing in the right direction and kept doing whatever I could do to accentuate the attributes of our home and present them in a way that would entice prospective buyers.

I told Ron that there was a buyer out there that was looking for our home and we needed to do whatever we could to bring them to us. And when we spoke to the buyers a few days before the closing, the wife told us that she knew the moment she walked into the house that it had everything she wanted…and it was exactly what she was looking for.

Never underestimate the power of intention to help make your goals become reality. So what can you do to capitalize on the power of intention?

1. Picture the Result You Have in Mind – Visualize what your goal looks like in your mind. Everything you conceive was first a thought or idea in your brain. When you turn that idea into an act in your own play with you as the lead character, the result will be a detailed script of the direction you need to take. After we purchased our townhouse, I visualized how I’d feel when I was sitting on my couch watching TV and relaxing in my new home. What a great feeling when your intention becomes a reality!

2. Focus on Your Objective – Sometimes when you’re working on a goal, you may need to let other responsibilities slide until you’ve reached your objective. It takes determination, planning, and diligence to fulfill your goals. Some people complain that they don’t have the time or energy to take on a specific goal. You may need to make some choices along the way. I spent many late nights working towards this goal, and I gave up sleep but the result was well worth the sacrifices I made.

3. Make an Action Plan – You can’t get anywhere if you don’t have a plan of how to get there. Write down everything you need to do to complete your goal. Then prioritize what needs to be done first, second, etc. You may need to elicit help from others to make it happen because you’re only one person and you can’t do everything yourself. Once you’ve completed each step, you’ll be able to check them off as you move closer to your goal.

4.    Enjoy the Results – Enjoy the sweet joy of success when you finally reach your goal. For us, it’s incredible just sitting on our couch in our beautiful living room and watching the television we installed over the fireplace. It makes the effort all worth it.

The power of intention can take you where you want to go. The challenge is determining what you want to accomplish, overcoming the obstacles that get in your way, and persevering to see it through to completion. Hopefully for you, the outcome will be well worth the effort you made to get there.