Hire a Freelancer!

By Ron Rosenberg

Side view photo of a female programmer using laptop, working, typing, surfing the internet at workplace.

As you know, we're very serious about using outsourcing as an integral part of our work processes, especially for tasks that are repetitive or require specific expertise beyond our core competencies.

So whenever we find a good resource for this, we like to share it with our members.

We recently discovered Freelancer.com, which is similar to other sites we've reviewed such as Upwork.com and offers you another source for qualified workers.

You can post the specifications for a job you have, or search for a particular skill you need for a project, and you'll get a summary description like this:


If you're interested, you can get more information and view sample portfolios of the projects they've worked on:


And if it looks like it might be a match, you can get more detailed information about these projects including individual reviews and ratings for each one.

You can also see the scores they received on objective certification tests, confirm that their credentials are verified, and see a summary of their major skills:


This can be a great way to outsource small jobs that your staff can’t handle because of lack of time or expertise, and it allows them to focus on the important things that will help your organization continue to grow.







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