Host an "Online Event"

By Ron Rosenberg

I've been talking with many of our association clients about their events, and they're sharing some sobering observations with me.

It seems that individuals and businesses are becoming more cost-conscious than ever, and they're less willing to invest the time, money, and effort to attend live training events.

These associations are looking for alternatives to help deliver valuable content to their members in ways that don't involve traveling to conferences.

And this challenge isn't limited to associations either - our small-business clients are finding that one-on-one sales calls can be prohibitively costly and they're looking for other ways to connect with their target prospects.

Fortunately, there's a great tool that can offer you a practical solution to these problems, and open up new opportunities you hadn't even considered.

What's an "Online Event"?

There are many different types of online events. These can range from a prerecorded presentation that's made available at a specific date and time, to a series of training classes that are delivered on a scheduled basis, to an actual live webinar presentation.

The nice thing is that all of these approaches - when using the right tools - can help you attract new prospects, deliver real value, and increase your revenue.

Here are some features you will want to look for when selecting a platform:

  • Ability to set up high-converting landing and registration pages
  • Flexible scheduling including "instant replay" and "just-in-time" options
  • Built-in confirmation and reminder system with email and SMS messaging
  • Integrates with your existing CRM system
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Real-time offers and "call-to-action" events with urgency timers
  • Option for free or paid attendance
  • Automated webinar replay system
  • Registration, attendance, and conversion statistics

There are several platforms that offer different combinations of these features, and they range in price from several hundred dollars to nearly $10,000 a year.

The one we like and use currently is WebinarJam Studio.

It essentially is a "marketing engine" that sits on top of the free Google Hangouts platform. You can certainly run online events using just the Hangouts technology, but you would still need  to develop all of the "marketing funnel" components to generate traffic, convince them to register, and make sure they actually showed up.

The nice thing about WebinarJam Studio is that it combines all of these elements into a comprehensive system that actually works.

There are many more features to this platform - too many to list here - and I encourage you to visit their website and see a demo of how this all works.  You can click here for a special offer for our members.