Kiss Those Stamps Good-bye!

By Ron Rosenberg

Scattered EnvelopesSending mail is a hassle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a campaign of 500,000 sales letters to a rented list, or a simple letter to your aunt.

If it’s a large business mailing, you have to write the letter, create the other components of the mailing (order forms, lift notes, envelopes, etc.), identify and secure the list, decide on the postage class, and determine when to mail the whole thing.

Even if it’s a simple letter to a family member, you have to write the card, make sure you have the right size envelope, and then try to find a stamp.

And we haven’t even talked about mailing packages yet!

Fortunately, there’s a great tool that can help you streamline a good part of the whole process, and it’s one we’ve been using here ourselves for over a year.

It’s a “PC Postage” application called Endicia. Using this software, you can specify different layouts to use on a variety of standard-sized labels.  When you print out the label, it actually calculates and includes the correct postage based on the weight and mail class of the pieces you’re sending.

As an added bonus, the entire rate table is updated automatically whenever the Post Office decides to change rates - an occurrence that seems to be happening a lot more frequently these days.

And if you have a large number of items to mail, you can import the list of recipients from whatever database or contact management system you use.

Trust me, this is a whole lot easier than keeping stamps on hand and trying to make the right amount of postage, or worse, driving to the Post Office and standing in line so that a clerk can do it for you.

And best of all, the software is dirt cheap - certainly less than the value of the time you’re spending doing this yourself! You can click here to find out more about this powerful software.







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