Adapt or Fail: How to Thrive Through Change!

Adapt-or-Fail-Chameleon-smIn today’s highly evolving and competitive business environment, you need to continually change or adapt in order to be successful. When you fail to change, there’s a good chance you will begin to lose your competitive edge, and your customers will look to others to fill the gap in what you have to offer.

The word “adapt” means to change or adjust for a purpose. Just like the chameleon changes its colors to adapt in its environment, you too need to be able to change your more...

Rental Car Blues!

By Ron Rosenberg

It's generally good to do business with companies you know and trust - preferably ones you've worked with before.

But when the cost of an alternative company is significantly lower, then it might just be worth trying something new.

In this case, it was a trip to California for a major conference...with a few days tacked on at the end for a visit to wine country.

When we checked on rates to rent a car, all of the major companies we've used in the past seemed much higher than one we more...

Unleash Your Creative Spirit: How to Nurture Your Imaginative Side

Many people believe they lack creativity...because they're not artistic and cannot draw or paint. Yet people display creativity in many different ways through music, mathematics, mechanics, statistics, and other types of gifts and talents.

It's important to understand that creativity is something we all possess. If you have a right side to your brain, then you are creative. The key is to nurture and develop your creativity to help you dream bigger, conceive new ideas and innovations, and turn your dreams into reality.

So What is Creativity?

According to its definition, more...

Up Up and Away!

By Ron Rosenberg

We work hard, and often, spend more hours in a day on work than we'd like to. But we also play hard and like to make the most of our free time.

On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, there was going to be a large balloon festival about 20 minutes from our house! There would be a  "mass launch" at around 6:30 pm, and there would also be food concessions and beer trucks - all in all, it sounded like more...

BBQ or Sushi?

By Ron Rosenberg

One of the most common - and problematic - mistakes businesses can make in their marketing is the well-intentioned effort to be "all things to all people."

For example, take a look at this restaurant I passed during a recent program I presented in Las Vegas. In case you can't make it out from the photo, the sign says:

24 HR BBQ or SUSHI - All You Can Eat

 The problem here is that barbeque (Korean or otherwise) is very different from sushi. As a rule, I more...

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

By Ron Rosenberg

The stamp on the left, commonly referred to as the Inverted Jenny is a United States postage stamp from 1918 that features an image of the Curtiss JN-4 that was mistakenly printed upside down.

Approximately 700 of these misprinted stamps were produced, and inspectors found 600 of them before they left the printing facility, but the remaining stamps are generally considered to be the "holy grail" of stamp collecting.

In fact, an intact block of stamps featuring the printing plate's number sold for $2,970,000.00. Not bad...for a mistake! Unfortunately, more...

Take Your Time

By Ron Rosenberg

Some things seem pretty simple. For example, to read this article, you follow a link in an e-mail or select a link on a web page, and, voila, here you are.

But sometimes things are more complicated than they seem.

For example, the link you follow from the e-mail does a lot more than just open this page.

It contains a special code that automatically logs you in as a member on the site so you can see this article which is actually content that is protected more...

Awaken Your Perceptive Powers: How to Take Ordinary and Make It Extraordinary!

Think about're taking your dog out for a walk on a beautiful summer day. You're strolling along merrily and decide to let out the leash so your dog can roam a little bit. As you're enjoying the wonderful scenery and the warm sun melting on your back, you notice a tug on the leash as your dog wanders off the path into some tall brush. Darn weren't paying attention and who knows what he's gotten into? You yank on the leash to get him back on the walkway, and more...

Building Resilience: How to Overcome Adversity and Recreate Your Life!

Have you ever tasted an amazing glass of wine? Whether you’re a red or a white wine connoisseur or just enjoy a glass now and then, you still can taste the difference between a good wine and a mediocre one.

What you probably didn’t realize is that in order to produce a really good vintage of wine, the grapes need to undergo a degree of stress while they’re maturing. When the vine works harder to find water and nutrients, it tends to produce smaller grapes and an overall smaller yield. Yet more...

Cost Out of Context

By Ron Rosenberg

“How much should we spend on marketing?”

“What’s a good response rate on a direct-mail piece?”

“How far apart should we space the e-mails in a promotional campaign?”

These are common questions people ask, and it doesn’t seem to matter If they’re solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, or directors of large corporate marketing groups.

On the surface, these seem like simple enough questions – I mean. you clearly should have an idea of what your budget is; you should be measuring response rates; and you have to make conscious and more...