Do You Know Your Customers

By Ron Rosenberg

So many organizations try to deliver valuable products and services to their customers and members; but in the final analysis, they don’t seem to have even the faintest clue of what these people need, how they behave, and what will work most effectively in reaching them.

In an environment like this, even the most rudimentary efforts can go a long way. I speak to many different types of associations. They include owners of high-end jewelry stores and home improvement centers,  manufacturing and wholesale groups, and volunteer and full-time more...

Developing Your Emotional Core - the Powerhouse of Your Soul!

Group of young attractive sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, doing Push ups or press ups exercise, standing in Plank pose, friends working out in club, indoor full length, studio

Have you ever wondered why it's important to develop your core strength? Or why personal trainers are always pushing you to tighten your abs and do exercises that strengthen your core?

It's probably because your core is the powerhouse of your body. It's the central link that connects your upper and lower torso. It doesn't matter if you're more...

Free Social Media Scheduling

By Ron Rosenberg

Buffer_(Jing)"Social Media" is a large umbrella encompassing a vast collection of tools that can help you increase revenue and grow your business.

The problem is that the "care and feeding" involved to keep everything in order can take more effort than any benefit you'll actually receive from your investment in time, money, and effort.

The good news is that there are tools that can do most of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Buffer is a tool that lets you more...

Four Questions to Connect with Your Customers

By Ron Rosenberg

Group Of Young Friends Shopping In Mall TogetherThings are changing rapidly in the business world, and it’s essential that you recognize and cultivate every opportunity you have to connect with your customers and deliver a truly memorable experience.

Why Are You in Business Anyway?

I know that’s kind of a harsh question, but answering it is absolutely central to your long-term success. Have you ever walked into a business and said to yourself, “This place won't be here more...

How to Get More for Your Marketing Dollar

By Ron Rosenberg

Rich person throwing hand drawn car yacht and houseImagine you go to the ATM at your bank. You deposit your card, push all the right buttons, and out comes $200 in new bills. Then you walk over to the trash can outside the bank’s main entrance and throw all the money away.

If people saw you doing that, they'd think you were out of your mind. But you may very well be doing exactly the same thing and not even know it!

Succeeding in today's competitive business more...

Healthful Living: How to Support Your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Are you living a healthful life? Are you taking care of yourself as you navigate through this extremely busy, complex, and task-driven existence?

When posed with that question, many people think that they're taking care of themselves, but when you look at their actions and the types of things they're doing, you have to question whether they're really doing it effectively at all. Others may realize that they're living an unhealthy life, yet they're so caught up in their roles and responsibilities, that they're doing the best they can just to get through more...

Lifestyle Marketing

By Ron Rosenberg


It's always good to start with the basics, and when it comes to marketing, our basics are the "4 Ms of Marketing" - message, market, media, and moment.

And of all the ways you can mix and match these four components, the single most important one is the message-to-market match.

The more you can make an offer look like it's designed specifically for an individual, the more likely it is that the person will respond.

Do You Understand Your Market?

There are some markets that are fairly straightforward to identify and connect with - groups whose goals and characteristics more...

Kiss Those Stamps Good-bye!

By Ron Rosenberg

Scattered EnvelopesSending mail is a hassle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a campaign of 500,000 sales letters to a rented list, or a simple letter to your aunt.

If it’s a large business mailing, you have to write the letter, create the other components of the mailing (order forms, lift notes, envelopes, etc.), identify and secure the list, decide on the postage class, and determine when to mail the whole thing.

Even if it’s a simple letter to a family member, you have to write the card, make sure more...

A Donation...Are You Kidding?

Woman On Phone In Busy Modern OfficeBy Ron Rosenberg

Sometimes acronyms and clever sayings can be a little, well, cliche, and yet they can give us an easy way to remember important concepts.

And, in this sense, we always seem to come back to our “4 M’s of Marketing” when looking at the examples we share with you here.

“Message, Market, Media, Moment”– these are the essential building blocks of a great marketing message. They’re straightforward, easy to remember, and incredibly accurate.

Yet more...

What to Know About SEO!

Responsive design and web devices

Most people have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but few understand how valuable it is to the success of their websites. While some understand its importance, they have absolutely no idea if their websites are properly optimized to ensure that the right people can find what they have to offer.

So Why SEO?

You may have the most attractive website with amazing graphics, photos, and content, but if no one knows that you exist, then it really doesn’t matter much. more...