What Price Guarantee?

By Ron Rosenberg

100% price match guarantee speech bubble design.When you're selling a commodity product (or even one that can be perceived as a commodity) you put yourself in a complicated position because people make these kinds of purchases based on price, convenience, and availability.

You see this in the forms of ads and promotions with statements such as, "Call for a free rate quote!" or "We won't be undersold!"

When you can go online, order a product on Amazon, and have it delivered in two days more...

Going Dutch

By Ron Rosenberg

2015-09-05 09.32.04We had a real treat a few summers ago. One of our friends had learned to make crusty Boule-style bread. He brought it whenever we got together for dinner, and it was good. I mean really good!

So Lorie naturally asked if he would share the recipe, which he did. The only problem was that one of the "ingredients" was not something edible, but rather something involved in the process: the bread was cooked in a cast-iron "Dutch oven" like the one you see in the image above.

We more...

Reach for the Sky: How to ALWAYS Aspire for Your Dreams and Goals!

There's an infinite amount of space between the ground where you stand and the sky above. This space offers you boundless room to spread your arms and breathe in the amazing amount of possibilities your life can bring you, yet for many of you the challenges of just making it through the day have dashed your hopes and dreams.

It's time to change all that, and develop strategies that will help you aspire for your goals and objectives. You never want to stop believing that there's a bright future awaiting you. more...

Memorizing vs. Knowing

By Ron Rosenberg

When you were in school and you wanted to do well on a test, you paid attention in class, did your homework, and studied for your exams.

It's no different in marketing - you need to pay attention, do your homework, and prepare as best as you possibly can to communicate the benefits of your products and services to a market that needs them.

And just as in marketing, there are some instances where more...

Embrace Diversity

By Ron Rosenberg

It’s important to understand your customers' needs, expectations, and motivations in order keep them satisfied over the long haul. We often tend to forget this and take a one-size-fits-all approach to our customer interactions.

Understanding the ways that our customers differ, in fact, allows us to present a more comprehensive approach to meeting their needs and helping them understand that you truly care about them.

Diversity can come in many different forms, but the key to developing good customer relations is to understand the diversity of your customer base. Here more...

Adapt or Fail: How to Thrive Through Change!

Adapt-or-Fail-Chameleon-smIn today’s highly evolving and competitive business environment, you need to continually change or adapt in order to be successful. When you fail to change, there’s a good chance you will begin to lose your competitive edge, and your customers will look to others to fill the gap in what you have to offer.

The word “adapt” means to change or adjust for a purpose. Just like the chameleon changes its colors to adapt in its environment, you too need to be able to change your more...

Rental Car Blues!

By Ron Rosenberg

It's generally good to do business with companies you know and trust - preferably ones you've worked with before.

But when the cost of an alternative company is significantly lower, then it might just be worth trying something new.

In this case, it was a trip to California for a major conference...with a few days tacked on at the end for a visit to wine country.

When we checked on rates to rent a car, all of the major companies we've used in the past seemed much higher than one we more...

Unleash Your Creative Spirit: How to Nurture Your Imaginative Side

Many people believe they lack creativity...because they're not artistic and cannot draw or paint. Yet people display creativity in many different ways through music, mathematics, mechanics, statistics, and other types of gifts and talents.

It's important to understand that creativity is something we all possess. If you have a right side to your brain, then you are creative. The key is to nurture and develop your creativity to help you dream bigger, conceive new ideas and innovations, and turn your dreams into reality.

So What is Creativity?

According to its definition, more...

Up Up and Away!

By Ron Rosenberg

We work hard, and often, spend more hours in a day on work than we'd like to. But we also play hard and like to make the most of our free time.

On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, there was going to be a large balloon festival about 20 minutes from our house! There would be a  "mass launch" at around 6:30 pm, and there would also be food concessions and beer trucks - all in all, it sounded like more...

BBQ or Sushi?

By Ron Rosenberg

One of the most common - and problematic - mistakes businesses can make in their marketing is the well-intentioned effort to be "all things to all people."

For example, take a look at this restaurant I passed during a recent program I presented in Las Vegas. In case you can't make it out from the photo, the sign says:

24 HR BBQ or SUSHI - All You Can Eat

 The problem here is that barbeque (Korean or otherwise) is very different from sushi. As a rule, I more...