Host an "Online Event"

By Ron Rosenberg

I've been talking with many of our association clients about their events, and they're sharing some sobering observations with me.

It seems that individuals and businesses are becoming more cost-conscious than ever, and they're less willing to invest the time, money, and effort to attend live training events.

These associations are looking for alternatives to help deliver valuable content to their members in ways that don't involve traveling to conferences.

And this challenge isn't limited to associations either - our small-business clients are finding that one-on-one sales calls can more...

When a Process Doesn't Work

by Ron Rosenberg


Hand Holding Survival Multi-functional Wallet Card Tool On White BackgroundI'll start by saying that I'm a big fan of processes.

I ran a Quality Management group in my "previous corporate life" that successfully achieved an ISO-9000 registration; we currently have detailed processes for every aspect of our business now, and I have no problem whatsoever when the pilots flying me to Atlanta take time to go through the detailed pre-flight checklist.

Processes, policies, and procedures are important and all have their place in any business setting. They more...

No Problem, You Can Keep It!

By Ron Rosenberg

It seems that any attempt to resolve a service issue leads to hours on the phone and mind-boggling levels of frustration. But sometimes, just the opposite is true, and when that happens it's a welcome break from the norm.

I really like our refrigerator. It's a Samsung model with "French doors" - that means the freezer is on the bottom and slides out like a drawer, and the fridge section is on the top with two doors that swing open like in the picture.

From a design perspective, this makes perfect sense since people tend to more...

Where Did the Time Go?!

By Ron Rosenberg

Most days it seems like there's simply too much to get done. And if that's not enough of a challenge, try dealing with interruptions from other people and our own natural tendency to become distracted.

But when there's a deadline, we seem to be able to focus and complete the task at hand. So why not create your own "mini-deadlines" to help you keep focused?

Can a Tomato Hold the Key to Productivity?

You might not think so, but in the 1980s, a management consultant named Francesco Cirillo developed an interesting time-management technique.

Using a small tomato-shaped timer more...

Conquer the Chaos: How to Organize, Get More Done, and Simplify Your Day!

Is your office a mess? Are there papers stacked all over your desk and you’re not sure where anything is?

Is your house a wreck? Are there dishes piled high and clothes everywhere? Can you never seem to get your life organized?

It doesn't have to be this way. In this article, you'll discover strategies for getting organized that will help streamline your day and you'll be happy with how much you can accomplish!

Our lives these days are filled to the brim with way too many things more...

Free Conferencing Tools

By Ron Rosenberg

Man have business meeting via video call in a cafe

Technology can be extremely helpful. It enhances our productivity and makes it possible to collaborate in ways - and across distances - that weren't even imaginable just 20 years ago.

And while there are times when face-to-face meetings are the best and most efficient methods of communication, there are many other instances when a "virtual meeting" can be just as effective.

Here are two free tools that can help you add this capability to your "operational arsenal."

Let's Have a Conference more...

Great Idea...Bad Execution

By Ron Rosenberg

Personal trainer helping young woman lift weightsIt happened again. And it wasn’t the first time either: my mobile phone stopped working.

This is a big problem, of course, because of the amount of travel I do in any given month.

It doesn’t matter which mobile company we use – they’re all pretty much interchangeable because they all deliver a level of customer service far below anything I would consider even remotely acceptable.

Press “1” for Customer Service...

So I called the customer ser­vice line, navigated three levels of the more...

Have Fun with Your Marketing

By Ron Rosenberg

Special Message from Alyssa (and Chico)Let’s get straight to the point: most marketing is boring. There are many reasons for this, prime among them the fear most people have that they might “offend” someone if they take it too close to the edge.

And while that can happen, it’s far more common for people to err on the side of safety, and risk losing any connection they might have with the market in the process. That’s why we teach our Outrageous Marketing strategies at conferences all more...

If Only I Knew What I Know Now - Part 2

Life is a learning process. As you go through the various stages of your life, your experiences and the knowledge you gain help determine the choices you make and the path you follow. Think about it...what if you could go back and make decisions based on what you know now? What different choices would you make? How would you redirect the course of your life?

Last month, I began writing this article and found that there were so many lessons I’ve learned over the years that I couldn’t more...

How to Toot Your Own Horn

By Ron Rosenberg

a pretty little girl with a black jacket plays the trumpetWhenever people become inter­ested in your products or services, they naturally start asking them­selves questions:

“Are these guys for real?”

“Can I trust what they’re saying?”

“Will they work for me?”

You can write chapter and verse, include pictures, and record videos. But even the most trusting soul will recognize that you have a vested in­terest in any claims you make about what you’re selling.

That’s why it’s generally better to let someone else do the talking for you, and more...