Take an Uber Ride

By Ron Rosenberg

Uber_#1Getting around in a strange city can be confusing. Between taxis, shuttles, and public transportation, it's often difficult to know what the best, quickest, and safest options are. But a relatively new service called "Uber" offers an innovative solution that incorporates a great marketing concept!

Instead of "hailing" a taxi on a busy city street, standing in a long taxi line at an airport, or spending too much time on a "shared-ride" shuttle, you simply open the app on your smartphone, and request a car. The app uses your location to find a more...

Empowering Change - Part 2

By Ron Rosenberg

As you leave work today, you see a man collapsed on the sidewalk, clutching his chest. Would you...

(a) Perform bypass surgery?

(b) Administer CPR?

(c) Explain how paying better attention to his stress level, exercise program, and dietary habits could have prevented this unfortunate situation?

The most logical choice would be (b) - administer CPR. The patient here needs immediate intervention to help him survive the attack. The other options are appropriate for follow-up activities and would almost certainly be necessary for a full recovery. But obviously, suggesting aerobic exercise to a patient in the middle of a heart attack would be ridiculous based more...

Is Your Life Moving on Course?

Kayak photo for articleKayaking is an incredibly enjoyable sport. It gets me outside into nature, and allows me to get to places you can't get to by car. Ron and I kayak mostly on lakes or sometimes in streams or rivers, and there I can see all sorts of beautiful birds including cranes, herons, ducks, and even loons. It's both fun and relaxing to paddle in different types of lakes and streams.

The other day I was paddling on Canada Lake in upstate New York where we're vacationing this summer. I was having difficulty keeping more...

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By Ron Rosenberg

Every company says that customer service is important, but how many actually deliver on that claim? I mean, really, whenever I talk about the concept of the USP - a company's Unique Selling Proposition - in my live programs, I'll arrive at the option of basing the USP on outstanding customer service. By a show of hands, I ask the people in the audience if their organization delivers outstanding customer service. Without exception, all of the hands go up. But when I ask for specific examples of what this looks like, the room gets very quiet.

The fact is that the level more...

Are You Living the Game of Trivial Pursuit?

Whenever we have gTrivial Pursuitame night at our friends' houses, my biggest fear is that they'll want to play Trivial Pursuit. You probably remember this board game...the playing area is shaped like the spokes of a wheel. You move your playing piece forward when you correctly answer general knowledge questions from several categories. These include Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure.

When you land on a category junction space and can answer the question correctly, you get a wedge piece that corresponds to the specific category. The object of the game is more...

Empowering Change - Part 1

By Ron Rosenberg

One question that comes up quite frequently goes something like this: "I get what you're saying about using these Outrageous Marketing strategies, but I don't think my boss / team / board will let me do anything like this. How can I change their minds when I know it will really work?"

That's actually a very important question, and goes well beyond simply becoming more ambitions in your marketing. Instead, it's really a question about change in general. In our new program, Must Be Present to Win, we talk about several behaviors that are essential to sustained success, including a more...

It's Vacation Time!

By "Chico Loco" Rosenberg


It's been a few months since I've gotten to write an article for you. (Ron and Lorie only let me work in the months where there are five weeks and they need an extra article - apparently I'm not important enough to play in the "big leagues" any more...)

Fortunately, this is a great month for me to be talking to you, because it's July; and in my house, July means one really important thing: VACATION!!!

You see, with this new "co-parenting" thing Ron and Lorie are doing, I spend most of my more...

How Much is Cable?

By Ron Rosenberg

There was a great book that was originally published in 1989 called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. In it, author Robert Fulghum reminds us of some of the basic lessons we all learned as young children in kindergarten, and relates how they still hold true in our lives as adults.

Three of them are worth repeating as an introduction to this article:

  • Play fair.
  • Put things back where you found them.
  • Clean up your own mess.
  • These all make sense, right? Pretty easy to buy into them? Good rules to follow in a business situation? You might think so, but, unfortunately, more...

    Become a Road Ninja

    By Ron Rosenberg

    Most of us will have to travel at some point as part of our jobs, whether on a daily basis, or only occasionally to travel to a conference or convention. But whether your travel is work-related or personal, it's good to have as much information as possible about where you're going and how you're going to get there.

    Certainly, GPS-based navigation software has completely changed the way we drive, virtually eliminating the need for large maps and atlases. But what happens when you get hungry along the way, or need gas, or have to pick up something at a pharmacy? Sure, you more...

    Promotional Ideas That Actually Work!

    By Ron Rosenberg

    People still complain about how difficult business is these days, and yet there are proven strategies to get prospects to come looking for you instead of the other way around.  And, as a bonus, these strategies are unique, effective, and, best of all, relatively inexpensive to implement!

    So how do you change your approach to start getting better results?  Quite simply, you have to focus on strategies that will bring you tangible, measurable results. And to do that, you only need to use one of the most powerful tools available to you, the “4 M’s of Marketing:

    • Message
    • Market
    • Media
    • Moment

    You see, the secret to successfully more...