Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Reinvent the WheelBy Ron Rosenberg

We've all experienced it: a friend, colleague, or family member who, despite obvious warnings and adequate knowledge, has to learn things the hard way - taking the stairs to top floor when the elevator is working just fine.

Unfortunately, we are also sometimes guilty of this - particularly when we're unwilling to invest in our own education, insisting on wasting significantly more time, money, and effort to learn new concepts by trial and error.

Fortunately - and happily - there are many cases of people who take advantage of the resources they more...

Discover Your Soul Power Tools - Part 3...

To Create a Life of Purpose and Prosperity

Contemplative WomanUsing Your Internal Strengths to Succeed in Life

How you APPROACH your life will determine your destiny...Many people coast through life without doing very much that's extraordinary with it. They don't believe in their capabilities and strengths and that they have the capacity within themselves to do anything they really want to do and achieve amazing goals.

Many successful people that have become icons in our society have come from poor backgrounds, have endured abuse, have failed miserably at one time or another in their more...

Learning the Language

By "Chico Loco" Rosenberg

FF_QualityTalk_MA_COLORSome of you who have been long-time subscribers have been asking, "Hey - where's Chico been?  His articles on the back page of the newsletter were my favorite things to read each month!"

Well, first off, thank you for asking! When Ron and Lorie moved the newsletter to the new online format (a change I endorsed, by the way) I didn't realize they wouldn't have room for my "Chico's Corner" articles!

But this month something happened: the articles are usually published on Tuesdays...and there are five of them this month instead of the normal more...

What Do They Think?

By Ron Rosenberg

In the “olden days” before the internet, it was very difficult to get reliable information on customer preferences and needs. Oh sure, you could run focus groups (costly and unreliable), test products with your current customers (time consuming), and send out paper-based surveys to specific market groups (cumbersome, complicated to analyze, and prone to error).

But now with the speed and ease of access that the internet brings to us, we can get almost instantaneous feedback on any question we might want answered. There are several good options available, and I'll list some of them at the end of this article for more...

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

By Ron Rosenberg

There are basically two things that can happen when you have a service issue with a particular company or organization:

  • They address the situation correctly and increase your customer loyalty
  • They don't fix the problem and turn you into the loudest, most vocal critic anyone has ever met
  • Taking care of a real, legitimate problem is usually not all that difficult. Let's take a look at three different hotel experiences that happened within weeks of each other and see how they were handled...

    Can I Just Give You Cash?

    Hotel Check-InOur son, Jason, was out of town for more...

    Why Should We Believe You?

    By Ron Rosenberg

    Convincing someone that you’re the right choice – and the only choice – from all the options they have can be challenging. Because despite all the claims you make about how wonderful you, your company, and your product and service are, it’s still you doing the talking, and, well, you do have an ulterior motive.

    That’s why it’s always better to let someone else help out who has more credibility than you do; namely, your customer.

    Using Testimonials Effectively

    CAMEX 2010

    One way to help reassure people that they’re making the right decision is with more...

    Discover Your Soul Power Tools - Part 2

    To Create a Life of Purpose and Prosperity

    Business People Smiling

    When you look at successful people, you’ll find some common traits that have enabled them to overcome adversity, challenges, and setbacks and build successful businesses and fulfilling lives. It’s these characteristics or traits that have enabled them to thrive and prosper while other people have failed to live up to their true potential.

    You may say to yourself that these successful people were born with special gifts and talents that you simply don’t have. The truth is that they started out just like you. more...

    Call Me Sometime...

    By Ron Rosenberg

    Things have certainly changed in the last 100 years. "New" technologies back then included the car, the telephone, and audio recordings. Now, we have double-decker planes, smartphones, and MP3 music. The rate at which technology is advancing is so fast and so dramatic that it's hard to imagine what the next 100 years will bring.

    PicturephoneTake phones, for example. In the “olden days” of telecommunications, long-distance calls required a human operator to complete, were very expensive, and generally included second-long gaps between one party’s side of the conversation and the other person’s.

    I remember more...

    People of Walmart

    By Ron Rosenberg

    In the interests of full disclosure, I shop at Walmart. There, I said it...and I'm not ashamed either. It's not always the most enjoyable experience, but it's convenient; they have pretty much anything I need; and the prices are low.

    Plus, there's a certain "entertainment value" because you never know what you'll see when you walk through the aisles. In fact, the variety of shoppers in any given Walmart is so vast, that several famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) web sites have popped up including, and the ever popular game, Walmart Bingo.


    Discover Your Soul Power Tools - Part 1

    To Create a Life of Purpose and Prosperity

    Confident businesswoman posing in front of co-workers

    People are born with a unique soul or spirit that guides their lives and determines how they fit in with the world around them. It's what sets them apart from the people around them.

    Their soul gives them passion to discover their special gifts and talents and focus on what they love to do most in life. It gives them courage to overcome challenges and helps motivate them to achieve their goals. And it gives them wisdom more...