The Magic of Marketing

By Ron Rosenberg

Many of you know that I'm also a magician, specializing in close-up magic - the kind that takes place "up close and personal" - and that has the greatest impact on the people watching. What you may not know is that there are some very interesting parallels between magic, speaking, and marketing that you can learn from three very gifted teachers of magic.

Michael CloseIt’s Not About You, It’s About Them: How to Get $72,159.28 in FREE Club Med Vacations

Michael Close is both an outstanding close-up performer, more...

Walking the Tightrope

How to Create Better Balance in Your Business and Life

tightrope walkerHave you ever been to the circus or to Cirque du Soleil and watched the tightrope walkers as they perform their acts?

They’ve actually perfected their balance to a point where they can walk on a very narrow rope suspended high above the ground and do all sorts of tricks without losing their balance and falling. Click on the picture to the left to watch them as they perform their incredible stunts.

Yet balance is not just for tightrope more...

Who's the Boss?

By Ron Rosenberg

OverwhelmedmanWith all the challenges and difficulties we face in working with our vendors and suppliers, it's a small wonder we're not on the phone with them all day long! And this doesn't just apply to work situations. I mean, how many times have you had to call someone about a bank error, missed delivery, or product-quality issue?

And if it's not enough that you have to make these calls, you have to jump through hoops to get to the right person: answering seven different "phone tree" questions and sitting on hold for more...

Transportation Breakdown

By Ron Rosenberg

shuttle"What could possibly go wrong now?"

That's a question I've learned to ban completely from my thought process. I've found that whenever you ask that question, usually in the midst of some challenging situation, the universe responds with..."Well, how about THIS!" piling on even more unwanted difficulties.

With that in mind, let me tell you about a recent trip when we traveled to Tucson to visit some friends over the holidays.

We actually flew into Phoenix because the fares were about $500 cheaper, and we could get a shuttle down to more...

Think Outside the Box

By Ron Rosenberg

BootLife seems like one huge balancing act. You have to balance your work life vs. home life, saving vs. spending, and taking care of yourself vs. not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I also try to keep active. Throughout my adult life, I have worked on my physical fitness by training in the martial arts and have obtained advanced black-belt rankings in three different styles. I run, bike, and kayak; and,in general, I try to eat sensibly, although this last one is, admittedly a bit difficult one because of my travel schedule.


Out of Sight...Out of Mind!

FF_QualityTalk_MA_COLORBy "Chico Loco" Rosenberg

Hi everybody - it's me, Ron and Lorie's dog, Chico! I know you've been wondering what happened to me because I haven't been writing my usual monthly column for you.  I'm really sorry about that, and the fact is that since they moved to this cool online format, I've been feeling a little, well, neglected.

I mean, it's been like three months already, and they haven't asked me for any articles. But with the holidays just around the corner, I had to assert myself and let you more...

Google's Gift to E-Commerce

By Kyle Smith

E-commerce usageWhen working with websites, especially E-Commerce web sites, it’s critical to maintain up-to-date information about what your users are doing on your site to ensure that it’s easy to navigate and that they get to your ultimate goal…making a purchase.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the E-Commerce portion of Google Analytics and what features it has included to improve your online tracking.

In order to help you actually implement this powerful strategy, I’m going to get into a bit of step-by-step detail – if more...

You Get What You Inspect...

magnifying-glassBy Ron Rosenberg

There are things about running our own business that I really enjoy.  And there are also other things that are not really fun.  On the whole, though, I much prefer being my own boss than working for someone else; for me at least, I like to succeed or fail based on what I do, not on some complicated compensation formula that's affected by events way out of my control.

Who's the Boss?

As an example, in the last 18 months of my corporate life, I had six different bosses. That's one more...

Can I Have Some Wings?

MenuBy Ron Rosenberg

In marketing, we tend to focus our attention on the message, trying to identify benefits and connect in a significant way with our target markets. And that's certainly important - it's actually essential. But it's only half of the story. Because if you don't deliver on the promise, all the great marketing in the world won't save you from inevitable failure.

Wings Are Great!

I went to college in upstate New York. "Buffalo-style" chicken wings were kind of a staple for us - we ate them in the dining hall; more...

Making the Leap to Mobile

By Kyle Smith

textingWith mobile ecommerce making billions in sales annually, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are concerned with the way their site will appear on iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices. And their worry is justified.

Your prospects and customers aren’t going to waste valuable time trying to search your site on their phone or other mobile device if it’s difficult to read or they can’t easily locate the information they’re interested in.

Speed and ease of use are so important nowadays. If people can't find your information quickly, they’ll be more...