Try Before You Buy!

Try Before You BuyBy Ron Rosenberg

One of the key concepts in our style of marketing is the concept of the USP - the Unique Selling Proposition - where you demonstrate quite clearly why your product or service is the only logical choice in any given purchase decision.

Admittedly, this can be tricky, especially if people can somehow view what you sell as a commodity - something that's interchangeable with other similar options - or if it's a particularly expensive product or one that represents a new direction than what the customer is familiar with.

Fortunately, there more...

How to Simplify Life and Manage the Chaos

Tricks & Tales article

These days, life is incredibly chaotic. There are so many more choices and opportunities available to us and it can be difficult navigating through all the many responsibilities we have…especially during the holiday season and other times of the year when we pile up even more on our plates.

Simplify? Yes...No...or Maybe?

The key is to simplify! Most of us have a difficult time doing that. We think we can do it all and that we “need” to do it all. The problem is the more...

Top Tools for Maximum Productivity

By Ron Rosenberg

Sometimes it seems like there's more to get done in a day than you can possibly accomplish. There are certainly some strategies you can apply to become more efficient with your time, but you need to complement this with appropriate tools and techniques to become truly productive.

In this article, we'll share several of our favorites - all of which we currently use or have used in our own business.

Finding the Right Resources

One of the most important - and most challenging - areas in any organization is finding the best resources for your group. It's important to identify and understand more...

Are Paintballers the Next US Soldiers?

By Ron Rosenberg

Camp Color WarDespite the efforts and interventions of some well intentioned parents, kids end up playing games that mimic combat situations: cops and robbers, "tag," or our own uniquely Bronx version, "ringalevio."

These games may have different names, rules, and formats, but they all involve teams competing against each other to control a territory.

As these children grow older and spend time at summer camp or after-school programs, they may be involved in more organized games like "color wars," "capture the white flag," or "camp Olympics." These progress into more technologically advanced and more...