The Best Marketing Tools Ever...And How to Pick the Right One(s)!

By Raif Bieler

CaptureOne of the most frequent ques­tions I get from other cash flow professionals is “What are the best marketing tools and methods to find new prospects?” The truth is there is no silver bullet and one size does not fit all. Some marketing tools and strategies work better for some, while others...well, you get the idea.

Therefore, the correct answer to these questions is, “It depends.” Of course, no one wants to hear that answer because it’s simply not what anyone wants to hear and everyone more...

The Priority Service Team Will Call You Back...

By Ron Rosenberg

Latin receptionist talking on the phoneIt happened again. And it wasn’t the first time either: my cell phone stopped working.

This is a big problem, of course, because of the amount of travel I do in any given month.

It doesn’t matter which mobile company we use – they’re all pretty much interchangeable because they all deliver a level of customer service far below anything I would consider even remotely acceptable.

Press “1” for Customer Service...

So I called the customer ser­vice line, navigated three levels of the “phone tree” and more...

If Only I Knew What I Know Now - Part 1

Life is a learning process. As you go through the various stages of your life, your experiences and the knowledge you gain help determine the choices you make and the path you follow. Think about it...what if you could go back and make decisions based on what you know now? What different choices would you make? How would you redirect the course of your life?

There’s a phrase that says that hindsight is 20/20. If only you could know when you're young how you should direct the course more...

How to Deliver Seamless Customer Service

By Lorie Rosenberg

Group Of Friends Enjoying Sushi In Restaurant

Have you ever had a customer service experience that was flaw­less? If it was at a restaurant, from the moment you walked through the door, the experience was amaz­ing. Your waiter filled your glass every time it was empty and you never saw him do it. Your food was served promptly and it was hot and tasty. The check came at the right time and you left feeling full and completely satisfied. The experi­ence was well worth the money you more...

Follow Your Nose - The Power of Intention

dog sniffing

Recently we celebrated a very special anniversary. No, it wasn’t our wedding anniversary. It was the date we bought our new townhouse where we’re currently living. It was part of plan to simplify our lives and downsize since the kids were out of the house and on their own.  There were months of planning, preparation, and action that preceded that event. But that was really only the beginning…as we had much to do to sell our old house and get our new house ready to move into.

When you decide on a particular goal more...

"Reason Why" Marketing

By Ron Rosenberg

white spanish villageTo get people’s attention and get them to take action, you have to have great marketing, a powerful message, and a strong call to action.

So let’s focus on the message itself–specifically, how to create a powerful message, but not make it so “over the edge” that it’s no longer believable.

Too Good to Be True?

Take a look at the example above which illustrates a timeshare offer we received a while back. While it illustrated the offer and looks beautiful, the accompanying more...

Wrike It!

By Ron Rosenberg

I don’t know about your business, but in ours, we seem to have far too many “moving parts.”

We have customers and prospects that we work with, ac­tion items from meetings, and complicated projects that involve a mix of in-house and outsourced staff.

Over the years, we’ve tried several solutions ranging from free desktop ap­plications to complex web-based systems, and just about everything in between.

Nothing has really fit our needs perfectly until we discovered Wrike ( In fact, it was our “web guru”– who himself manages multiple concurrent projects–who turned more...

Reflections...How to Take Stock and Take Action!

Lake-View-for-Inner-Circle - EditedOne morning on our yearly trip to upstate New York, I was riding my bike up Route 10, which meanders along the west branch of the Sacandaga River. It’s a somewhat secluded road and goes past several lakes.

On the ride, I stopped by the side of the road near one of the lakes to look at the beautiful view. It was early in the morning, the mist had just evaporated from the lake, and the wind was calm, so the lake was as smooth as glass. You more...

Can We AssistU?

By Ron Rosenberg

Happy businesswoman with pictures interface in front of laptop on world map background

No, it’s not a typo, because this month we’re talking about another great outsourcing opportunity called AssistU. (

By now, you should be well familiar with the importance of outsourcing nonessential tasks so you’re left with just the core competencies – the unique value-added functions only you can do. Paying ruthless attention to this in our own multifaceted business has freed up incredible amounts of time for us...not to mention contributing to record more...

Cement Mixer Artistry

By Ron Rosenberg

Cement mixer truck at work

There are many ways to distinguish yourself from the competition, and, in the process, make yourself the only logical choice for whatever product or service your prospects are looking for.

One of the most powerful of these involves the concept of the "unique process" - something about what you do and, more importantly, about how you do it - that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Find a way to do this, and the selection process becomes a whole lot easier and more...