Awaken Your Perceptive Powers: How to Take Ordinary and Make It Extraordinary!

Think about're taking your dog out for a walk on a beautiful summer day. You're strolling along merrily and decide to let out the leash so your dog can roam a little bit. As you're enjoying the wonderful scenery and the warm sun melting on your back, you notice a tug on the leash as your dog wanders off the path into some tall brush. Darn weren't paying attention and who knows what he's gotten into? You yank on the leash to get him back on the walkway, and more...

Building Resilience: How to Overcome Adversity and Recreate Your Life!

Have you ever tasted an amazing glass of wine? Whether you’re a red or a white wine connoisseur or just enjoy a glass now and then, you still can taste the difference between a good wine and a mediocre one.

What you probably didn’t realize is that in order to produce a really good vintage of wine, the grapes need to undergo a degree of stress while they’re maturing. When the vine works harder to find water and nutrients, it tends to produce smaller grapes and an overall smaller yield. Yet more...

Cost Out of Context

By Ron Rosenberg

“How much should we spend on marketing?”

“What’s a good response rate on a direct-mail piece?”

“How far apart should we space the e-mails in a promotional campaign?”

These are common questions people ask, and it doesn’t seem to matter If they’re solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, or directors of large corporate marketing groups.

On the surface, these seem like simple enough questions – I mean. you clearly should have an idea of what your budget is; you should be measuring response rates; and you have to make conscious and more...

End to End

By Ron Rosenberg

If you remember the movie, Field of Dreams, there's a theme that's repeated throughout the story: If you build it, they will come.

Unfortunately, many businesses take this approach when developing their product and marketing strategies.

They believe that all you need to do is build the proverbial "better mousetrap" and prospects will somehow find out about it and, as the saying goes, "beat a path to your door." People with more business savvy understand that you have to first identify a market need and develop a more...

Going Mobile

By Ron Rosenberg

Designing websites used to be pretty straightforward - you just had to make sure they worked with different browsers and on different platforms.

Now it's more complicated. You have to make sure your sites work on an endless assortment of tablets and smartphones.

If you have any doubt about this at all, just think about the last time you brought up a website on your smartphone - even one from a big company - and all you got was the "desktop" version of the site.

Sure, you more...

The Edge of the Abyss

By Ron Rosenberg

5ff7427b-48e5-476d-925e-8c49352a14efI've reviewed literally thousands of marketing pieces at live programs, on mastermind calls, and one-on-one with clients on our Marketing Makeover webinar sessions.

And one thing that stands out is that many of the materials we see - whether websites, e-mails, postcards, or brochures - is that a lot of them are...well...just plain boring!

I don't mean they're poorly written, or that they don't adequately describe the product or service - it's just that they're not all that interesting.

Which brings us to a topic we really need to discuss.

You see, more...

I'll Take Care of That!

By Ron Rosenberg

I like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I really do. Of course, there are more grams of fat in a single macadamia nut cookie than I should probably have in a whole day, but that's not always the deciding factor in whether I have one or not.

You may be asking yourself what these yummy cookies have to do with customer service; but don't worry, they're actually part of a trio of great service stories - all, as it turns out, taking place in hotels.

Where Did more...

Awaken the Passion Within: How to Love What You Do and Do It Well!

Love What You DoLook around your work environment and you'll find people who are very dissatisfied with their jobs. They've lost their drive and motivation to perform at their very best, and their work has become mundane and meaningless. For others, they've become stuck in a job because of financial demands and responsibilities...and they can't seem to find any way out.

But take heart, because in this article, you'll discover ways to find your passion...whether it's reinventing your current job, finding a new one, or looking at new goals and challenges that more...

Triage, Landing, and Squeeze Pages

By Ron Rosenberg

People seem very focused on their web sites and about their social media presence.

They're sometimes more concerned with how many friends or followers they have, or how many "design awards" their web site has won.

In fact, web sites and social media are just that: forms of media - banner ads are no different than display ads in a magazine. YouTube videos serve much the same function as ads on TV. And I promise you - no smart person more...

How to Get Good Testimonials

By Ron Rosenberg

In the past, we've discussed how important testimonials are in your marketing strategies, and lamented the fact that so few businesses use them at all - let alone to their full potential.

When I point out the lack of testimonials to clients during their "Marketing Makeover" sessions, I get a lot of "yeah, but" kinds of responses, as in, "Yeah, I know they're important, but I just don't know how to get them."

Fortunately, there are several proven methods for getting testimonials, and we'll review some of them here.

Feedback more...