How Long is TOO Long?

By Ron Rosenberg

Travel used to be fun, with reasonable meals, empty seats, and comfortable gate areas. But lately, the fun seems to have vanished almost completely during most trips.

In the early days, the ticket agents, gate agents, and flight crews would go out of their way to make the entire experience a memorable one. It wasn’t uncommon on some trips for flight attendants to sing the safety announcements to the tune of the “Flintstones” cartoon theme and offer unique "flight-attendant special" drinks more...

Your Personal Connections: 7 Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships in Your Life!

The other day I went out to breakfast with my husband Ron, and while we were enjoying our meal we noticed a couple at a table across from us. They were sitting next to each other and were doing something I see a lot now. And it wasn't smooching or holding hands, or even talking and communicating with each other.  In fact, it was quite the opposite!

They had their phones in their hands and were madly texting to someone. Frankly it didn't even seem like they were aware of the person more...

The 20-Minute Solution - How to Change Your Life in 20 Minutes a Day

With today's hectic lifestyle, there really doesn't seem to be a lot of extra time to add one more thing on your plate. Yet, is that really true?

Are there activities in your life that you're doing every single day, that are really unimportant or useless...that you might be able to cut out or at the very least, minimize each day?

Think about it. How much time do you spend checking your Facebook account? Or posting a picture or status? Do you get sucked in watching funny YouTube videos? How many hours do more...

Who Says So?

By Ron Rosenberg

"Let the buyer beware."

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

You've probably heard sayings like these, and hopefully you've taken them to heart when the situation warranted it.

The truth is that people are skeptical about the claims businesses make. I know we spend a lot of time talking about applying behavioral psychology to write strong copy and connect to the target audience. But in the final analysis, anyone who comes into contact with your marketing materials understands that they exist for one purpose, and more...

Have One on Us!

By Ron Rosenberg

The entire landscape of shopping has changed, and it all started back on July 5, 1994.

That's when was launched as an online bookstore and began a steady growth trajectory that had it generating nearly $142 billion in 2018.

We're now at the point where you can buy pretty much anything online from music to mobile phones; from airline tickets to cars...and, yes, even furniture.

Time for an Upgrade...

For years, we'd been thinking about replacing some of our bedroom furniture. more...

Transform Your Website

By Ron Rosenberg

It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in - it's essential that you have a strong online presence.

But having a website isn't enough - you have to actually understand why you have one and what its role is in your overall marketing strategy.

The most common type of website is what we call the "online brochure." This is basically what it sounds like - you take the print brochure that you use to promote your business, give it to a web design firm, and they more...

Repurpose Your Life: How to Reinvent Yourself to Add Meaning and Purpose

Repurpose - refinished furnitureHave you ever taken an old piece of furniture that's been handed down to you or that you found at a garage sale or antique shop, and you stained it, painted it or reworked it in some way so that you could use it for a particular purpose in your home? I know I have. I've never been able to afford to get everything I want brand new. And I really wouldn't want to.

Because what's amazing is that once you put the effort into making it better, more beautiful, or even more functional, it becomes more...

Business Cards...With a Twist!

By Ron Rosenberg

"Can I have your business card?" This is a question you'll hear frequently on airplanes, in meetings, and at various networking events. If you're like most people, you have business cards, but they probably look just like the ones everyone else has.

How about trying something different?

The one I use is an oversized, full color, double-sided business card, featuring a full-color photo. Plus, it has an additional secret benefit in that it can help you build relationships with your new contacts!


First, the more...

Hang Up...Call Back

By Ron Rosenberg

There's an expression I used frequently when I ran the Quality function for a large multinational telecommunications company. I'd be meeting with some of our team members who were getting frustrated with the resistance they were getting in trying to work with some of their assigned groups.

We determined that some of these groups simply weren't ready for the level of training we were trying to share with them. In some of these cases, we needed to slightly change our approach; in others, it was clear that nothing was more...

What's in a Name?

By Ron Rosenberg

Hello, my name isPeople have different nicknames at various times in their lives. For example the name on my birth certificate is "Ronald" but no one ever calls me that except my 12th-grade math teacher and my mother...when I was in trouble - and then she used my full name - middle name and all.

When I was growing up, people knew me as "Ronnie" - in fact my adult nieces still refer to me as "Uncle Ronnie."

To the rest of the world, I'm just "Ron." The thing is more...