Transfer Some Files!

By Ron Rosenberg


There are many tools that let you share files across organizations to assist in collaboration.

In our own business, we use a combination of these including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wrike.

But sometimes all you need to do is send someone a single large file. For example, when we present at a client's conference, we always offer to help them market the event. One way we do this is by producing brief promotional videos they can share with their group to encourage them to register for the event. (You can click here to see an example.)

In this example, the final MP4 file is around 11MB - larger than many email systems can handle as an attachment - so sometimes the clients provide a link to a file-transfer service that lets us get the video to them without gambling that the email will work.

Here's a quick tool that makes that easy!

It's called and it enables you to send files up to 2GB in size. What happens is that the file is uploaded to their servers, and it generates a link which you can include in an email you send yourself, or let WeTransfer send the email for you.

The file is available for one week, and then it's deleted automatically and no longer accessible.

There's also a paid version that lets you extend the expiration time, password protect the files, and increase the upload size to 20GB.

In most cases, however, the free version will be more than adequate. This is a great free tool that is available to you when you need to transfer large files.







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