Transform Your Website

By Ron Rosenberg

It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in - it's essential that you have a strong online presence.

But having a website isn't enough - you have to actually understand why you have one and what its role is in your overall marketing strategy.

The most common type of website is what we call the "online brochure." This is basically what it sounds like - you take the print brochure that you use to promote your business, give it to a web design firm, and they turn it into your website.

The problem with this is that there are really only two functions a business website should serve - and "online brochure"  isn't one of them.

The Three Types of Effective Websites

  1. The Brochure Site - What I described above.
  2. The E-Commerce Site - The most directly effective kind of website is the straight e-commerce site - at least in terms of measuring return on investment. These are sites you go to when you're ready to buy a product. (,, or
  3. Lead-Generation Sites - These are sites that are designed to get prospects to "raise their hands" using offers of free information in exchange for visitor contact information that they can then use to communicate and build relationships with these prospects. (

Designing the Site

Whether you're trying to set up a sales site or are working towards a lead-generation approach, you need the right tools to get this accomplished.

One commonly used platform for websites is WordPress. It's a free, open-source framework that's powered over 60 million websites. An important and powerful feature of WordPress is its ability to customize sites using plug-ins, many of which are free (at last count, over 20,000!)

Our own website, in fact, is run on WordPress with a custom-designed theme and several integrated commercial plug-ins. The one that we use to help format pages, organize content, and do basic online marketing functions is called InstaBuilder.

Features Overview

InstaBuilder has lots of basic design features including:

  • Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor
  • Displays Properly on Mobile Devices
  • Built-In Design Templates
  • Easy-to-Use Text Formatting Capabilities

And it goes way beyond that to include some very helpful and effective marketing tools:

  • User Opt-In Capabilities
  • Proven Marketing Graphics
  • Built-In Statistical Analysis Features
  • Split Testing Functionality

And the "Pro" version lets you build complete marketing funnels on the InstaBuilder platform to automate your entire marketing process.

The easiest way to appreciate everything InstaBuilder can do for you is to visit the feature list by clicking here.  Then click here to watch the video walkthrough and see how this powerful tool can help you master your landing pages!