Gary Rifkin – How to Speak Like a Pro

Encore! Encore!

You’re in for a treat this month as Gary Rifkin, a professional speaker and owner of Encore! Encore! will discuss how you can become a more powerful presenter. Based on his popular presentation, “Speak Like a Pro,” this interview will show you how to use your expertise, energy, and passion to make the topic of your presentation come alive for the audience.

Eddie Tadlock – How to Stand Out in a Crowd

DeVos Place Convention Center

You might not care too much about a convention center unless you work in the meetings and exhibitions field. But in this case, you should pay close atten­tion, because in this month’s Inner Circle interview, we’re talking with Eddie Tadlock, Assistant General Manager of the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, MI, who’ll show you how to get your marketing noticed! He’ll show you how ow to incorporate personality into your marketing.

Sephronia Scott – How to FINALLY Write Your Book & Attract a Ton of Clients!

The Done For You Writing & Publishing Co.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know how to get started, then you’re in for a real treat in this month’s interview with Sophfronia Scott. She’ll show you how your book can establish your expertise, build your cred­ibility, and deliver your message.

Susan Berkley – Thank You for Using AT&T!

The Great Voice Company

If you ever remember that voice from calls using AT&T, then you’re already familiar with the star of this month’s interview – it’s Susan Berkley of The Great Voice Company. She will be sharing some great strategies on how you can use your voice as a sales tool.

Kevin Connell – How to Avoid Hiring the Employee from Hell!

Accu-Screen, Inc.

Hiring staff – whether full-time, part-time, or outsourced – is a tricky busi­ness. Do it right, and you increase your ability to get more done. Get it wrong, and you can spend lots of time cleaning up the mess. Plus, you expose yourself to serious legal and financial problems. But don’t worry, because this month you can hear Kevin Connell, founder of Accu-Screen, share his proven strate­gies for safe hiring. He refers to his company as the “human virus protection for your business” and I think you’ll agree.

Harmony Tenney – How to Use Radio to Boost Your Revenue

Charlottesville Radio Group

For many businesses, radio should be in integral part of the marketing mix. Unfortunately, too many people are getting disappointing results…or no results at all! But don’t worry, this month Harmony Tenney, Senior Marketing Consultant for the Charlottesville Radio Group, will reveal the hidden secrets to making radio work for your organization.

Miroslav Beck – How to Use Video to Increase Your Revenue

Video Marketing Expert

You should be in the movies…well maybe video. If not you personally, then certainly your business…and definitely your customers! In this interview you’ll find out how, as this month we are talking with Miroslav Beck, an expert on using video to help increase the results of your marketing efforts.

Chris Mullins – Turn Your Phone Into a Money Machine

Mullins Media Group

If you’re not getting the sales results you want from your telephone, then maybe you should see a doctor. And we’ve set up the appointment for you!

Nick Nanton - How to Crack the Celebrity Code in Your Market Niche

Music. Business. Law

Nick Nanton is an attorney named Best of the Bar and one of Orlando’s top 10 young and powerful. He has spent over a decade in the entertainment industry as an award-winning songwriter and producer. You can learn from his experience in celebrity branding to help you become a celebrity in your own market niche. He coauthored the book Celebrity Branding You.

Barb Gamez - How to Market Effectively Without Going 6 Feet Under

Marketing Director, National Funeral Directors Association

Resist the temptation to dismiss the funeral profession as morbid or because it’s nothing like your business and you’ll be treated to some great marketing strategies. In this interview Barb Gamaz, Marketing Director for the National Funeral Directors Association, shares some great examples of how she’s applying our Outrageous Marketing strategies and the results she’s seeing.