Ira Koretsky - Using Stories to Create a Compelling Message


The Chief Storyteller

This month we’ll be talking with Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller, about how you can use stories in your marketing pieces to help promote your business message...and to ultimately increase revenue.

Bill Marvin - Healthy Marketing Tips for Your Business


The Restaurant Doctor

Don’t Forget to Call the Doctor! The Restaurant Doctor, that is. Because this month we’ll be talking with Bill Marvin, president of Effortless, Inc.; founder of Prototype Restaurants, a consulting and management group; and managing editor of Hospitality Masters Press. He’s an expert in working with restaurant owners to make their businesses more profitable, and his strategies can work in any profession.

Mike Foster - The “Flush Factor” and Other Creative Marketing Strategies

Mike Foster 3

Alabama Gulf Coast CVB

Don’t laugh – determining the flush factor or the amount of waste water generated on a daily basis is part of the innovative strategies Mike Foster has developed to measure the number of visitors coming to the area. Mike is the Vice President of Marketing at the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau, and his innovative and highly effective marketing strategies are helping to bring thousands of people to Alabama each year for fun and vacations.

Michael Tornow - How to Create Loyalty with Customers and Employees


Country Club Family Dental Care

Dr. Michael Tornow strives to make the dental experience a great one for his clients. He even offers them an ice cream after their visit! Plus he has applied our Outrageous Marketing strategies with his own style and gotten phenomenal results in a very short time.

Ben Glass - Creating Demand for Your Products & Services


Great Legal Marketing

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need competent legal representation. Fortunately, you can get that...and outstanding marketing advice when you call attorney Ben Glass.

Linda Cahue - How to Motivate Your Marketing Team

Houston Airport Marriott

Linda Cahue shares her outstanding marketing concepts and the strategies she uses to motivate her team to deliver every day.

Tom Koster - Wooden Shoes and Other Marketing Strategies


Global Living Vision

What do wooden shoes have to do with marketing? Actually, they have a lot to do with marketing...when you’re talking to Tom Koster from the Netherlands.

Buffy DuPont - New Customer Acquisition and Retention


 Kar Hospital – Auto Repair

Buffy DuPont runs an extremely successful auto repair shop. But it’s her innovative methods of acquiring customers that will “rev up your engine.”

Gerard Haggett - Outrageously Effective Marketing


Gerard’s Deli and Bakery

You wouldn’t think that a bakery is the best place to find great marketing. But one look at Gerard’s innovative and outrageous marketing and you’ll see how his strategies can work in any environment.

Dave Bowers - Creating an Outrageous USP


Re/Max United

Dave Bowers is just an ordinary real estate agent. But spend just a few minutes with him and you quickly discover that his approach to marketing is anything but ordinary.