Julia Butler - Start Thinking Like a Child!


Early Childhood Education Expert

Young children are like sponges - they soak up every new thing with wide-eyed enthusiasm. But somewhere along the way, we lose this ability to seek and assimilate new information, and, in the process, we forget how to learn entirely.

In this fascinating interview, Julia Butler, a nationally recognized expert in early childhood education, will show you how to reignite your passion for learning!

You'll discover:

  • How children actually learn
  • What happens to us when we enter the formal education system
  • 3 specific techniques you can use to incorporate learning into your daily life

Ron Price - Play Nice in Your Sandbox


Productive Outcomes

Conflict is inevitable. Any time you have two people in a room, something is bound to come up. But it's how you handle these challenges that can make the difference between success and failure. In this fast-paced interview, based on his new book, Ron Price will share proven tips and techniques for conflict management so you can have more peace and productivity with less drama, turmoil and conflict in your workplace.

You'll discover:

  • How to avoid conflict with your team members and co-workers
  • Skills in conflict resolution to successfully navigate through disputes
  • How to get what you need from others without hurting your relationship with them more...

Alyssa Rosenberg - Using PR to Grow Your Business!

Alyssa Rosenberg

Rivers Agency

You can certainly build a business on the results of a successful marketing strategy, but people tend to keep a somewhat narrow view of what this includes. And one of the areas they frequently neglect is PR. In this fast-paced interview, Alyssa Rosenberg, PR and Social Media Executive for Rivers Agency, will share some powerful strategies including:

  • What PR actually means
  • Different approaches you can use to increase public awareness
  • Specific strategies to get your message picked up

Mark Vickers - 3 Secrets to Powerful Questions

Pose Well Studios - Agnes Lopez Photography

Speaking is Selling

You ask questions all the time, but are your questions effective and actually elicit results? It’s important to ask powerful questions to help you connect quickly with others, gather information, make a point, and show your intent. When you’re skilled at creating powerful questions, you’ll become more effective in all of your communications.

In this informative interview, you’ll discover:

  • The three secrets to asking “Powerful Questions”
  • How to use this technique to develop rapport with your customers and clients
  • Strategies for implementing this practice in all of your communications

Rick Farrell - Tangent Knowledge Systems


Selling Has Nothing to Do With Selling

The reason companies get commoditized is because salesperson's sales methodology defaults to the prospect's buying system. The way clients buy and select suppliers is more sophisticated than a salesperson’s ability to sell and differentiate products and services. In order for salespeople to enhance their selling position, they must understand the methodology of how people buy and come up with a sales process that levels the playing field and neutralizes the buyer’s inherent advantages.

In this incredible feature-packed interview, you'll discover:

  • Why the mandate of the salesperson is to play the role of a neutral “change agent”
  • How the feature/benefit style of selling more...

Jeff Charlton - Advanced Lumpy Mail Techniques

Jeff Charlton

Lumpy Mail

You should already be familiar with the basic strategy of using "Lumpy Mail" to get your direct-mail pieces opened...and acted upon.

In this interview, we'll talk with Jeff Charlton, the "Lumpy Mail Guy" and find out the "real work" on how to take your dimensional marketing to the next level, including:

  • The difference between “Freemiums” and “Premiums”
  • Why Lumpy Mail is so effective
  • How to make all of your mailings more cost-effective

Michelle Pascoe - Lessons from an Undercover Customer

Michelle Pascoe

Optimum Operating Procedures and Services

You might think you're providing top-notch service, but is that what your customers are seeing?

In this interview, we'll visit with Michelle Pascoe who joins us all the way from Australia to share her expertise in the area of "Mystery Shopping."

You'll discover:

  • Why mystery shopping is an effective and affordable way to increase customer loyalty
  • How the customer-service landscape has changed
  • What you should measure when assessing your level of service

Deb Calvert - Your Buyers Have Changed. Have You?

Deb Calvert

People First Productivity Solutions

The market has changed dramatically, and so have your customers. Traditional sales techniques aren't nearly as effective as they once were, and you need to adapt your approach if you're going to be successful.

In this fast-paced interview, Deb Calvert will share a bold new approach in sales that's getting measurable results. You'll discover:

  • How to ask questions that buyers genuinely liked answered.
  • Three significant ways today's buyers have changed
  • What can happen when businesses fail to adapt to these changes

Lorie Rosenberg - Go Create YOU! How to Accomplish Your Goals and Transform Your Life!


Founder of GoCreateYOU! and QualityTalk, Inc.

Creating goals and objectives can make a huge difference in your business or life. Unfortunately, this is an area where most people fall short and why they don't accomplish a lot with their lives. That’s because they haven’t actually formalized their goals or written them down on paper – they are pretty much floating around in their heads. In this interview with the creator of GoCreateYOU.com, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create more meaningful goals that will enrich your life
  • Ensure you will actually follow through and achieve your goals
  • Move yourself in directions you hadn’t even imagined before

Norb Slowikowski - Managing is Leading: Find and Develop Your Personal Leadership Style

Norb Slowikowski

President & Productivity Consultant at Slowikowski & Associates

To get the best results, you have to manage your team effectively, leading each person with a style based on his or her individual skills and abilities. Fortunately, there are some proven techniques that will help you, and we'll review them in this interview with Norb Slowikowski. You'll discover:

  • The key skills a Supervisor or Manager needs to have in order be effective as a leader
  • The various leadership styles and the positives and negatives of each one
  • How managers can establish mutual trust with their people