How Do You Deal with Overload?

By Ron Rosenberg

One of the issues we all face is the overwhelming weight of everything we have to get done. Between work, family, and personal obligations, it can seem almost impossible to get anything done. So we use calendars, checklists, and to-do lists to try and at least keep everything organized – hoping that nothing “falls through the cracks” that could later turn into a crisis.

Sometimes, though, the sheer volume of tasks can be enough more...

How Do You See the World?

By Ron Rosenberg

In many ways, photography is a microcosm of life. Creating a memorable image requires awareness of your situation, proper planning, technical expertise, artistic license, and proper execution.

Two people can take the same picture from the same location and get vastly different results - and for a very wide variety of reasons.

Welcome to Greece!

Take the image above of the Mykonos waterfront in the Greek Islands.


The Beauty of Reciprocity

By Ron Rosenberg

Welcome back! It's been a while since we've posted, and we've been busy with several new projects we'll be sharing with you over the next few months.

It's also been a been a busy time in our personal lives - I celebrated a big birthday last week, and Lorie and I just returned from a cruise to the Greek Islands to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We took the opportunity to renew our vows, saw some incredibly beautiful sights, and had some more...

What's Your Backup Plan?

J-MUSIC Pocket Trio - Nick Stoner Inn-5By Ron Rosenberg

We're very fortunate to have an annual music festival that brings an incredible group of classical, jazz, and bluegrass musicians to a small lakeside community in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

One of our favorites is Patrick Bartley, and his J-Music Pocket Band. Having grown up playing video games, he decided to take the background music tracks of his favorite video games and arrange them for different configurations of his jazz groups.

The results more...

What Kind of Camera Do You Have?

West Lake SunsetBy Ron Rosenberg

What do you do to break out of the status quo...that creative rut that keeps you from reaching your full potential at work and in life?

For us, it's our place on the lake. Spending part of our summer in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York has some definite advantages.

The change in scenery brings a change in perspective. Spending time with our "lake friends" - who live the rest of the year across the country and across the world more...

A Simple Formula for Success

Studying.By Ron Rosenberg

As I'm writing this article, we've just rounded the corner into a new year.

I've always found it curious that the changing of the year seems to be the time when people take stock of their lives and try to make big changes in the form of New Year's Resolutions.

In fact, I just saw a cartoon on Facebook, where one character asks, "What's a New Year's resolution?" and the other character answers, "It's what you do the first three weeks of January."

In more...

Money...or Friends?

By Ron Rosenberg

Don't worry, this isn't some "ethical challenge" about choosing between making money at the expense of friendship, but, rather, an interesting take on how an unexpected situation can open up new opportunities.

If you've been on a plane recently, you've probably noticed that, more often than not, the flight is completely full - or if not, then it has only a few empty seats. This, of course, is very good news for the airlines, since a full plane generates significantly more revenue than one that's more...

Do You Know Your Community?


By Ron Rosenberg

If you're not taking advantage of all the resources in your community, then you're seriously limiting the scope and reach of what you can offer to your customers, clients, and members.

There are so many examples of the power of community that it's difficult to select just one to share, but there is a fantastic example that illustrates virtually everything that's possible when you connect with these valuable resources.

The Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York are very special, especially more...

One Degree of Difference

bicycleBy Ron Rosenberg

One of the great things about living in North Carolina is that you can spend time outside most of the year. And for me, this means being on my bicycle.

We have an incredible public greenway system here with over 100 miles of paved trails. And this makes cycling significantly more safe and enjoyable than riding on the roads where you literally take your life in your hands when you start rolling!

On a couple of recent rides, I noticed that my speed was more...

A Picture or a Photograph?

Sunset from the Dock (31 of 42)By Ron Rosenberg

To be a photographer in the "olden days" you needed a camera and film. You took some pictures, sent the film off to a lab to be processed, and waited a few weeks until the negatives and prints were returned.

Over time, the concept of "one-hour photo" became reality, and you could simply drop off your film and pick up your final copies an hour later. There was also the option of "instant film" with Polaroid cameras where you more...