Behaviors Demonstrate Your True Vision

By Ron Rosenberg

Your behaviors communicate your true values more than words in a newsletter or presentation.

Part of a leader’s role is to provide a vision for the organization—a set of long-range objectives and a set of values that indicate how these objectives are to be achieved. But the true values of the organization are determined much more by the actual behaviors the leader demonstrates.

Early in my career, during my days as a software engineer, I had the opportunity to work for an organization that was relatively small but involved in some very exciting development efforts.

One of the things I liked most more...

Focusing on Team versus Individual Performance

By Ron Rosenberg

One manager’s unique approach to evaluating and compensating his employees leads to a greater understanding of teamwork and group responsibility.

One common roadblock to change is that organizations reward individuals, often at the expense of team accomplishments—or team burnout. To overcome this situation, try to set the example from within your own group and let others follow your lead. There are many different approaches to recognition that stress the work of the team over the contributions of the individual, and these can have a significant impact on group performance.

A former colleague of mine developed a novel approach to applying the organization’s more...

Tot’s Taxi

By Ron Rosenberg

Having a clear vision of the organization's purpose, whether through culture, tradition, or a formal vision statement, is an important consideration in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Having a clear vision of the organization’s purpose—whether through culture, tradition, or a formal vision statement—is an important consideration in maintaining customer satisfaction. But if your actions and behaviors do not support this vision then the customer may have a different impression of your company altogether.

A situation last week provided an excellent example.

On my way home I stopped at a red light behind a van. On the back of the van was painted the name more...

Getting the Right People in the Right Position!

By Ron Rosenberg

A disappointing co-op position during college provides a valuable lesson in job selection.

How do you find your passion? How do your employees find theirs? Sometimes you find it by stumbling upon something you really love to do. But sometimes you can find your passion by a process of elimination.

When I was in college, I participated in a co-op program where we alternated quarters of school with quarters of actual work experience during the final two years of the curriculum.

One quarter, I worked in the research lab of a large company, designing a computer system to analyze the data from more...

A Clean Sweep

By Ron Rosenberg

A house-cleaning service provides an outstanding example of communicating an organization’s vision.

How can you communicate your company’s vision effectively so your employees deliver the highest level of service? While actions speak louder than words, the right words at the right time can work wonders.

Last month, I was working on a complex project and needed some seclusion—a break from the office and the interruptions. I had my laptop and a stack of books laid out across a table in a local coffee house; and although I was focused on my work, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation at the booth more...

Bringing Passion to Your Work

By Ron Rosenberg

Maintaining a high level of passion about your work is an essential ingredient to sustaining the company’s performance. A recent trip to California really drove this point home for me.

I was flying to California to attend a magicians convention in Sacramento. On the first leg of the trip, from Raleigh to Chicago, we had an interesting welcome as we boarded the plane. The captain was standing at the doorway greeting each passenger with absolute enthusiasm.

"Hi, how are you this morning! Welcome aboard!"

"Here, let me help you with that bag!"

"Welcome aboard, we’ll get you safely to Cleveland! Just kidding—we’re more...