Sorry Your Heat Doesn’t Work

By Ron Rosenberg

A hotel acts inappropriately when dealing with a customer service issue.

Even though mistakes occur in any organization, it is important to recognize them and do the right thing to correct them.  The following story offers you an example of how a company handled a problem situation poorly.

It is reasonable to expect certain amenities when you stay in a hotel: a clean room, a comfortable bed, and heat – particularly if the hotel happens to be Canada and it’s the middle of winter.

Unfortunately, the hotel I was staying at during a recent trip to Montreal only had two of these three conveniences – a more...

The Cashore Marionettes – A Holiday Message

By Ron Rosenberg

A marionette show at a local elementary school shows how perseverance and dedication can help you create wondrous things.

Life is full of challenges - some big and some small.  And for many of us, working through these issues can be a challenge in itself.  An experience at my daughter’s school last week provided a great insight into how we can tackle these obstacles head-on.

On my calendar last Friday, I saw the following entry: “Marionette Show at Douglas Elementary, 7:00 p.m.”  The school had hired someone to put on a marionette show as part of their “cultural arts” program.  Now I like the arts more...

Good Choice!

By Ron Rosenberg

An airline pilot’s use of humor creates a favorable impression on the passengers.

For many people, the very thought of flying can bring on a state of panic.  Even for those of us who travel on the airlines frequently, the actions of the crew can have an enormous influence on the way we feel about each and every flight.  Consider these two contrasting examples:

A recent ad for a hotel chain claiming that you should “…never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep” is a good example of this.  It showed airline passengers inside the cabin listening intently to the captain’s voice on the more...

Now, All I Need is a Man!

By Ron Rosenberg

A few weeks ago, our daughter had her tonsils out. The procedure is straightforward, and recovery is generally fast. That is, if the patient is four years old. It's a different story altogether if she's 18 and has a low threshold of pain.

But that's a whole other story. When we were staying with our daughter in the recovery room immediately after the procedure, we were talking with one of the nurses. In the conversation, it came up that Lorie and I had recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. (Go ahead, you can say it: "She put up with you for that long?" - more...

Why Are You in Business?

By Ron Rosenberg

People start businesses for many reasons: because they're passionate about something, because they see a market need, or sometimes because they like to start businesses. But there is another significant consideration in any business that cannot be ignored, and yet, frequently is.

Let me explain...

I was listening to NPR on my car radio one morning, and there was a segment about the medicinal marijuana stores in California. In case you haven't heard about these, you can get a prescription from your doctor, take it into these places, and walk out with high-quality marijuana to be used to help manage chronic pain.

Of course, although legal more...

It’s Really Pretty Simple…

By Ron Rosenberg

A senior employee communicates the overall mission of the coffee shop to a new employee to help her understand what her job is all about.

Many organizations spend a lot of time and effort crafting articulate vision statements and detailed employee manuals.  Sometimes, however, a simple statement of purpose can go a lot farther in determining the direction of your organization.

On a recent trip to Anchorage, Alaska, I was able to save the client money on airfare by flying in on a Saturday.  That gave me time on Sunday afternoon to sit in a coffee shop and work on my upcoming book.

I spent about more...

It’s A Living

By Ron Rosenberg

Here’s what one person is doing to deal with a job that has grown tiresome over the years.

If you are in the right job, you can actually look forward to work, rather than dreading it.  But when the novelty wears off, so can the excitement.

Several years ago, I was attending a magicians convention near Sacramento, CA.  In addition to learning from some of the top working professionals in the business, the thing I enjoy most about these events is having the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other, less famous magicians.

Many of these people, of course, are not full-time professional magicians, but more...

“You’re Sitting in Our Seats!”

By Ron Rosenberg

A negative situation at the US Open teaches us how to effectively deal with people and issues instead of just dwelling on the problems.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who, when faced with a difficult situation, will dwell on the problem instead of working towards a solution.

After years of playing tennis and watching it on TV, my wife and I finally decided to attend the US Open in New York City.

At the US Tennis Center, where the tournament was held, there are three main stadiums.  Arthur Ashe is the largest and is entirely reserved seating.  The Louis Armstrong and Grandstand more...

“It’s All a Matter of Taste”

By Ron Rosenberg

Look at the significant objectives in your business and see if you can make the right choice, regardless of how difficult, which will lead you to success.

We are often faced with difficult choices at work and in our personal lives.  Sometimes the best course of action is clear, but it may involve sacrifices that we are not willing to make.

My wife and I went out to dinner with some good friends and had not seen them for quite a few months. The husband had clearly gotten thinner.  He wasn’t overweight before, but the difference was noticeable, and he looked incredibly fit.

He had recently more...

Enjoy the Ride!

Last month, we attended the Drama Banquet at our daughter's high school. She has been involved in theatre for many years, and had participated in virtually every production during her four years as a student there.

This banquet was an opportunity to recognize the graduating seniors and give them a nice send-off as they begin the next phase of their lives.

Paul Orsett, the theatre teacher, called up each senior, told which plays they had been in, and made a few comments about the person. Since he had decided to present the seniors in order of increasing participation, our daughter was near the end.

Some of these students more...