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Caught in the Middle?

By Ron Rosenberg

Anyone who thinks travel is glamorous hasn't spent much time on airplanes lately.

The flights are full (good news for the airlines); the overhead bins are also full (bad news for passengers); and the "in-flight service" is nothing more than a drink and a small bag of peanuts (more bad news for passengers).

As I can tell you from the times when I manage to get an upgrade to first class, other than the bigger seat, it's not a whole lot different up there either.

That's why I was delighted when I got an unexpected surprise yesterday from Delta Airlines. Let me more...

If You Don't Learn from History...

By Ron Rosenberg

As I write this week's article, the European Community finds itself in deep economic trouble again, as Greece announces that it may not be able to meet the financial goals that were agreed to as a condition of the series of loans from three main sources.

It's not my intent to turn this newsletter into a primer on world economies - and I'm far from qualified to do that even if I wanted to.

Instead, I thought I'd share a quote that I think best sums up what needs to happen in Europe, and here at home as well: "The budget should more...