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Take Up a Collection

By Ron Rosenberg

I'm a big fan of processes - they allow you to deliver reliable products and a consistent level of service. But sometimes, circumstances make it necessary to go "out of process" and do things a bit differently.

I was on a flight recently, and after we were in the air, the flight attendant came on the PA system and said, "We have a member of the military who's on leave from Afghanistan for two weeks - he's going home to see his wife, and I thought it would be nice if some passengers could chip in a dollar or two so he can take more...

Where's Your Collection?

By Ron Rosenberg

Whenever you talk about marketing, you have to look closely at the message-to-market match - the principle that says you have to tailor your offers to the specific needs, tastes, and desires of your target audience. The problem then becomes, how do you learn all you can about your market- especially when everything around us seems to be changing at lightning speed?

Well, an example of this phenomenon may give us some insight into a possible solution.

Look at music, for example. The first recorded music was produced on what was called the "Edison Wax Cylinder," named after famed inventor Thomas Edison. Then we moved more...

Embrace Reality!

By Ron Rosenberg

The current global economic climate has caused us all, at one time or another, to question choices we've made in our careers and in our lives.

For many, it has brought about a state of denial; for others a sense of resentment. There is, however, a third path that not only "feels better" but actually delivers better results.

In one of my ADHD-fueled trips into the depths of the Internet, I happened to come across an article posted on the blog, "My Dubai Online" that talks about a phenomenon called "Mutton Dressed as Lamb."

The author describes it this way: "There are some scary looking ladies more...

A Better Song...

By Ron Rosenberg

As you work through all of the challenges facing you in your business and your personal life, one thing that can help bring clarity is an understanding of your "core competencies" - the special gifts, talents, and abilities you bring to the table that make you truly unique.

When you utilize these skills effectively, not only do you get better results, but you also feel better about what you're doing and what you accomplish.

I happened to come across an interview with musician John Mayer, where he was talking about a song he wrote many years ago, called "3 x 5."

If you like, you can more...

Will 2012 Be Your Best Year Ever?

By Ron Rosenberg

It's that time of year again - the end of a traditional holiday season that includes food, family, and hopefully a bit of fun.

The downside of the holidays is that along with all the merriment comes a subtle but definite lack of focus on the business side of our lives. Oh, I know you may have been working, but doesn't it seem like everyone else took the last two weeks of December off completely?!

Well, there are no more excuses any more - everyone should be back to work now - including you!

And while I'm not a big fan of "New Year's more...

Learn From the Masters!

By Ron Rosenberg

The end of the year is generally a time for celebration as we get together with friends and family - many of whom travel great distances to be with the people most important to them.

There is also the usual Christmas music, with the same 15 or 20 songs being played in the stores over and over again in different variations. I honestly don't know how the people who work in these stores keep their sanity, since this music seems to start as early as October!

So to give you a break, let's switch to a different genre of music, and see what we can more...

Led Zeppelin is Sick!

By Ron Rosenberg

If you recognize Led Zeppelin:

You're over the age of 45 and grew up with this music. You appreciate what's now known as "Classic Rock."

In case you don't know who's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, they are arguably one of the premier rock groups of the 1970s.

I'm sharing this with you not to reminisce about my youth or to complain that "they just don't make music like that any more..." but rather to share an interesting observation that may help you in your own marketing efforts.

My daughter was home from college for the Thanksgiving break, and was telling me about the more...

Script Your Day

By Ron Rosenberg

Planning your day is important, but in these complex times a basic schedule is simply not enough, especially when there's more to do than there is time to do it.

Let me give you an example. We recently converted our garage into a workout room to give us enough space to practice karate, to do our strength training, and, in the winter, to put our road bikes on "trainers" so we can use them even when it's too cold outside to ride.

Since cross-training is important, we use a combination of aerobic and strength exercises to stay as healthy as we can, and we recently more...

It's Not a Cockroach...

By Ron Rosenberg

Sometimes our perceptions of a situation can have more of an impact than the actual reality.

I was recently presenting for a group in South Carolina. I had presented a lunch program, and was more than halfway through an afternoon workshop, when I happened to see something that appeared to be moving on the ceiling, near the top of the projector screen.

I had to do a double take to confirm my suspicions - it was a cockroach. I tried to pretend there was nothing there, in case one of the attendees might have a phobia of disgusting brown insects, but it was too late more...

Get Well Soon!

By Ron Rosenberg

Despite all our encouragement to put whole parts of your marketing on "auto-pilot" with tools like Infusion, sometimes it's the personal touch that can make a real impact.

A few weeks ago, our dog, Chico, was attacked by another dog in our backyard. He needed a trip to the doggie emergency room, some stitches, and some pain medication (his favorite part!) but he's alright now.

We wrote about this in our Inner Circle newsletter, and about some of the lessons to be learned from an experience like this.

Yesterday, though I received a surprise in the mail. Actually, Chico got the surprise - an envelope addressed more...