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Thank You - Really!

By Ron Rosenberg


Wednesday was a "travel day" for me, with a lot of time spent on airplanes. And because I fly a lot, I generally don't pay attention to the pre-flight announcements, but this time was different.

The flight attendant addressed us as we were leaving the gate, introduced herself, and said, "I want to personally welcome you on board our flight to Atlanta. I know you all spend a lot of time on our planes, and I want to thank you for your loyalty."

This was more...

Using Your Brain

By Ron Rosenberg

human brain 3d illustration

When it comes time to make decisions, it's important to use your brain. But which brain, exactly, should you use?

You see, according to some research, we have two"functional"  brains: our thinking brain and our emotional brain, and these can deliver two vastly different sets of results.

From the perspective of marketing and sales, this is a very important distinction and can significantly impact your promotional strategies.

People Buy on Emotion and Justify on Logic

This is a fundamental concept that drives everything from point-of-purchase displays in supermarkets to deadlines more...

What's Old is New

By Ron Rosenberg


There's an old adage that says, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

I think this is certainly true in the way of personal communications - specifically in the area of smartphones.

These devices  are truly incredible, and are the current-day versions of the science-fiction devices we were introduced to over 50 years ago on Star Trek. We hold access to virtually the sum total of human knowledge in the palm of our hands and have the ability to connect with almost anyone in the world instantly.

Of more...

What's Your Opinion?

By Ron Rosenberg

your opinion matters phrase handwritten on blackboard with heart symbol instead of O

I was recently searching on the Web for some input on a technical problem that was taking significantly longer to solve than it should have.

After reading some posts on a relevant site, I happened to notice the following statement after one person's signature line:

Everything I write is a personal opinion. Even when I quote facts, they are the facts I personally choose to accept.

This makes an more...

Inspire Others

By Ron Rosenberg


Earlier this year, I wrote about another in a long string of losses suffered by the musical community - the suicide of keyboardist Keith Emerson.

He was suffering from muscle and nerve damage in his right hand, and, being a perfectionist, he didn't want to disappoint his fans at an upcoming concert in Tokyo.

I don't pretend to understand what was going through his head as he made the decision to take his own life, but I do know that there were still more...

It's the Small Decisions...

By Ron Rosenberg

We recently attended the wedding of my cousin's daughter in New York.

Their story is very interesting, as they had first met seven years earlier when she spent a summer "couch surfing" across Europe with a friend.

When they were staying for a few days in Vienna, Austria, their host invited some of his friends over and they all went out to a local bar for some drinks. My cousin kind of hit it off with one of the guys, and they ended more...

Present in the Moment!

By Ron Rosenberg

Nikon D3300, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II Zoom, ISO 200 1/60 sec. f/5.6 18mm

As many of you know, we spend a little time during the summer at a lake in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York.

Lorie's family is all in this general area, and we have some very good friends on the lake as well.

In addition to all of that, the area is strikingly beautiful. Bone-chilling cold in the winter, but absolutely spectacular during the summer. And one of the more...

Say Something Nice

By Ron Rosenberg

Ron Rosenberg - It's Important to be Nice.

In all of our efforts to share the most cutting-edge and technology-rich marketing solutions, we sometimes forget to talk about some of the basics, including the incredible power of interpersonal relationships.

One of the most important considerations in making purchase decisions is the simple fact that people do business with people they like. I know that other factors such as price, quality, and availability are all important, but frequently people make their choices based on "gut more...

What You Put in the Frame...

By Ron Rosenberg


We received a wonderful holiday gift last year: a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.

This has proven to be a great asset for our company since it lets us produce amazing videos to share our business-growth strategies and promote our products and services.

But even though it shoots video, it's primarily a "still" camera and takes high-quality pictures. This has been fun for me because as a child, I dabbled in photography using my father's Pentax Spotmatic-F 35mm camera, and a darkroom more...

Swimming Every Day!

By Ron Rosenberg

Water Areobics

I started training in karate back in college, and on several occasions, we had the great opportunity to train with Okinawan Master Angi Uezu during his visits to the United States.

Although his English was limited, he was an outstanding teacher - knowledgeable, passionate about his art, and extremely funny.

One thing he said constantly was "You must train each day, each day." This is good advice I have tried to follow - both in my karate training and in more...