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The Telegraph in Your Hand

By Ron Rosenberg TelegraphTechnology keeps advancing at a rate that sometimes makes it difficult to keep up. But to function in the world today, you have to at least try, even if reluctantly. Just last week, a good friend of ours was showing off her new iPhone that replaced her previous device: an old-school "clam-shell" phone that made calls...and little else.So I found it interesting to read a Facebook post by Michael Gikas a few weeks ago. Michael is a classmate of mine from way back (I'm talking elementary school here!); but more...

Not TOO Loud, Please...

By Ron Rosenberg

loud musicA few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the things you can do to reduce stress, and that included listening to music. In that article, I mentioned that I often use headphones when running or biking on our paved greenway trails, as this helps keep me focused and motivated.

With the vast range of skills and professions our subscribers comprise, I shouldn't have been surprised to receive a very nice note from one of them, Gary Mills.

And, as we enter more...

Halfway There...

By Ron Rosenberg

HelmetEveryone has what we call "pet peeves" - seemingly little things that others do that really annoy us.

It can range from people who leave the lights on in an empty room to those who don't clean up after their dogs - even when there's a "poop station" with plastic bags just five feet away!

For me, it's the matter of wearing bicycle helmets. Here in North Carolina, there's a law that requires helmets for anyone under the age of 16. Period. That includes roads, school parking lots, and the local more...

I Want You Back

By Ron Rosenberg

With all of the stress we face in our lives, it can sometimes seem difficult to have any passion for life.

There are certainly any number of valid and justifiable reasons for this, but the bottom line is that without passion, the world can be a pretty depressing place.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help pull yourself out of the doldrums, or, at the very least, give yourself a break from whatever it is that's dragging you down.

For me, that "thing" is music. Unless I'm on the phone, I almost always have music playing. When I run in more...

I Only Work Here...

By Ron Rosenberg

winesWith the economy slowly creeping back to health - and with intense competition in almost all markets - you would think that people who work in business today would be seriously focused on delivering the best service possible.

And yet, there seems to be an almost unlimited supply of stories featuring customer service so bad it's almost comical.

Take last week, for example. Lorie and I took a drive to downtown Raleigh to do some shopping and grab some appetizers and drinks at a restaurant that Lorie, a good friend of hers, and more...

XS400 Special

By Ron Rosenberg

motorcycleWe all have what I call "markers." They're symbols, visuals, sounds, or even smells that trigger memories that transport us back to events in our lives from another time and place.

Recently I experienced a "marker" that stopped me in my tracks. I was getting my bicycle out of the car to do a 24-mile ride on the Greenway trail near our home, when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye at the other end of the parking lot - the motorcycle you see in the photo to the right.

I more...

Cement Mixer Artistry

By Ron Rosenberg

There are many ways to distinguish yourself from the competition, and, in the process, make yourself the only logical choice for whatever product or service your prospects are looking for. One of the most powerful of these involves the concept of the "unique process" - something about what you do and, more importantly, about how you do it - that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Find a way to do this, and the selection process becomes a whole lot easier, and leans heavily in your favor. Let's look at a few examples of how to identify and incorporate a unique more...

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

By Ron Rosenberg

One of the key concepts in our style of marketing is the concept of the USP - the Unique Selling Proposition - where you demonstrate quite clearly why your product or service is the only logical choice in any given purchase decision.

Admittedly, this can be tricky, especially if people can somehow view what you sell as a commodity - something that's interchangeable with other similar options - or if it's a particularly expensive product or one that represents a new direction than what the customer is familiar more...

Low-Hanging Fruit

By Ron Rosenberg

low hanging fruitWe're all guilty of it - the irresistible attraction of "bright, shiny objects - all the great ideas we think we can implement to increase revenue and grow our businesses.

The problem is that many times, these ideas are far too complicated to be implemented effectively, and they frequently take rebut they can bring a quick infusion of revenue and boost general morale by logging a few successes when other options msources away from other parts of the business that are proven winners.

It might just be more...

If You Got It, Flaunt It!

By Ron Rosenberg

People often get caught up in a common mistake: confusing features with benefits. If you've been reading our newsletters long enough, you'll remember that features are about you, your company, and your products or services.

On the other hand, benefits are all about your customers, clients, or members, how you can help them, and the wonderful experience they'll enjoy in working with you.

3Most businesses promote their features, sometimes even thinking that they're actually benefits. And that's a shame, because sometimes they have some really good benefits to share.

Take a more...