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Social Media - Worth the Effort?

By Ron Rosenberg

If you listen to all the buzz, "social media" is the most amazing thing ever to come along since the discovery of fire. And, in some ways, there's maybe a bit of truth there.

Social media and the connectivity and instant access provided by the Internet have made communication easier than ever.

In the past, the dissemination of information was restricted to traditional media institutions (newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations) - now anyone with a computer can publish a blog or even an "Internet TV show."

When I was growing up, music came on records produced by record companies. Now, more...

The Holiday Season

By Ron Rosenberg

Yes, it's that time of the year again - the "joyful" or more like "stressful" holiday season? When I was growing up, the day after Thanksgiving, here in America, marked the formal start of the holiday season.

Of course, that was a while back. Now, that milestone is occurring earlier and earlier each year, with holiday decorations showing up on store shelves before Halloween is even over!

Unfortunately, there's a "dark underbelly" to this time of the year.

More and more we seem to be moving from "being thankful for what we have" on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, to stampeding into Walmart and more...

Shelter from the Storm...

By Ron Rosenberg

With the Northeast still recovering from "Superstorm Sandy," we once again get to see how individuals, communities, businesses...and even rock stars, step up to help those in need, especially those people who have been severely impacted by this incredibly devastating hurricane.

No matter how big or small, your contribution can make a difference. Lorie is heading to Walmart this afternoon to purchase needed items that will be loaded onto a large truck, along with other people's donations, and that will leave from a local elementary school to make the trip up to the New York City area.

Many churches, synagogues, and mosques more...

Cheating...or Resourceful?

By Ron Rosenberg

We spend a lot of time searching out, testing, and recommending the best tools around to help you become more productive and effective in your work.

So you know I'm not averse to using tools to help solve thorny challenges when they pop up. But a situation in a recent program raised an interesting question about this.

If the room I present in is wired to accept audio from my laptop computer, I will play a "preset" list of upbeat tunes to set the mood for the session.

As people start coming in, I'll frequently ask them to identify the artist in more...

Prepare for the Worst

By Ron Rosenberg

There's an old saying that you should "hope for the best but prepare for the worst." This is especially important whenever your actions have the potential to impact other people.

Take our flight back home from Australia earlier this week, for example. On our end, we planned everything as best as we could - we even pulled an "all-nighter" - staying awake through the night so we would be on Eastern Time when we arrived home in North Carolina.

We arrived at the airport bright and early (if a bit weary), giving ourselves plenty of time to check luggage, clear immigration, and more...

Koalas Are Just Cute...

By Ron Rosenberg We normally use this newsletter to share cutting edge strategies on marketing, customer service, and mindset development. But this week, we're going to talk about something much more fun: koalas. You see, we're in Australia on business for a few weeks, and, after a week spent in Sydney and Melbourne, we headed into the countryside to do some exploring. Lorie was driving, and I was looking up in the trees since we were in an area populated with Eucalyptus trees - the favorite food and the natural habitat of the koala. I spotted one high up in a tree, and then noticed more...

How's Business?

By Ron Rosenberg

As you know we recently held our membership survey. We do this periodically to better understand the major issues and challenges our members and subscribers are facing. The response was great, and the results were very informative. The major business challenges included:

  • Declining revenues and increasing expenses
  • Following up effectively with new leads
  • Gaining market share in a declining market
  • Trying to do more in less time
  • Getting the right message to the right customer
  • Identifying prospects to target

We learned a bit about how you're all using the information we share with you in our various newsletters, audios, and more...

What's a "Workation?"

By Ron Rosenberg

We just got back from a working vacation in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. And even though we took plenty of time out to play, we did have high-speed internet, and we did get a lot of work done. We tried to come up with a clever word for what this trip was: a "working vacation" - that made it either a "workation" or a "verk," and since the first one sounded better, we went with that one! The cabin we stayed in was very small, but we managed to set up shop there quite nicely. One of the amazing more...

Solavei? Oy Vey!

By Ron Rosenberg

I enjoy good marketing. So when I see something new and innovative, it practically jumps off the page and demands my attention. So the recent "pre-launch" campaign for the new mobile service Solavei caught my eye. They're making excellent use of social media to build a multi-level network to sell mobile phone subscriptions. It's actually a very good idea. The problem is it takes too much effort to see what the program is all about. Take a look at the video below, featuring the founder of the company. It's nearly 40 minutes long, but don't worry - you won't have to watch more...

You Can't Make Your Music Good...

By Ron Rosenberg

One of the most influential guitarists of the late 20th century was Michael Hedges. His playing style has been described as innovative, groundbreaking, and violent. Having seen him play several times, I can confirm that all three of these are accurate. His music transcended anything that had ever been done with a guitar before, and he was extremely passionate in his performances. This is the guy who once said, "I play the guitar because it lets me dream out loud." You can see what I'm talking about by clicking on the video below:

Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries

Sadly, a more...