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Children, Large Groups, and... Romance?!

By Ron Rosenberg

We were in Florida earlier this month for a few programs, and, being in the mood for sushi, we turned to our usual source for recommendations: TripAdvsor. (

In case you're not familiar with this website, it's the "go-to" resource for finding hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on user-submitted ratings and rankings.

As I was reading the notes for one restaurant, I happened to go to their web site where they summarized the type of people that should visit their restaurant.

It said, "Good for: Families with Children, Large Groups, Romance."

Wait, hold on a minute, what was that again? more...

What is a Kalimbatar?!

By Ron Rosenberg

We're always talking about the importance of "niche marketing" - the idea that you have to target your message to as specific a group as possible. Well, a concert we attended last week provided us with an example of just how specialized you can get.

In the world of music, you can "drill down" to a fairly low level:

Musical Instruments String Instruments Guitars Acoustic Guitars Fingerstyle Guitars

In each case, we go from a broader concept to a more specific and refined one, making the leap from the realm of all musical instruments to the very limited and esoteric world of more...

You're Planting What?!

By Ron Rosenberg

In your business - and in your life - it's true what they say: timing is everything. A recent example happened just down the street!

One house in the neighborhood was kind of an eyesore. Not the house itself, but the lawn. It was patchy, overrun with weeds, and, well, just not taken care of.

So everyone was happy when the house was sold and the new owners moved in. They were happier still when a landscape crew showed up and began the process of ripping up the old lawn and replacing it with brand new sod.

Normally, this would be a more...

Let's Go Kayaking Today!

By Ron Rosenberg

It's tough for people to juggle all the responsibilities they have in their lives. It's certainly the case for us: we have to balance work, family, health and fitness, and too many others to even list here.

Having our own business means that the lines between "work" and "home" sometimes become blurred, as was the case this last weekend.

Having just returned from vacation the week before, we had a lot of work to get caught up on, and decided to spend part of Saturday doing just that. We allowed ourselves a break in the middle of the day to go to more...

Do I Know You?

By Ron Rosenberg

It's positively amazing how many people who are in direct sales roles don't have even the faintest idea of how to interact with a prospect.

We were in California's wine country to celebrate Lorie's birthday. Naturally, we spent a good amount of effort on one of our favorite pastimes: finding the "hidden gems" - small boutique wineries that no one knows about - the ones that have great wines at reasonable prices, and where you get to meet and speak with the owners.

Having stopped by quite a few wineries during our stay, one thing I noticed was the wide variety of more...

Take Up a Collection

By Ron Rosenberg

I'm a big fan of processes - they allow you to deliver reliable products and a consistent level of service. But sometimes, circumstances make it necessary to go "out of process" and do things a bit differently.

I was on a flight recently, and after we were in the air, the flight attendant came on the PA system and said, "We have a member of the military who's on leave from Afghanistan for two weeks - he's going home to see his wife, and I thought it would be nice if some passengers could chip in a dollar or two so he more...

Where's Your Collection?

By Ron Rosenberg

Whenever you talk about marketing, you have to look closely at the message-to-market match - the principle that says you have to tailor your offers to the specific needs, tastes, and desires of your target audience. The problem then becomes, how do you learn all you can about your market- especially when everything around us seems to be changing at lightning speed?

Well, an example of this phenomenon may give us some insight into a possible solution.

Look at music, for example. The first recorded music was produced on what was called the "Edison Wax Cylinder," named after famed inventor Thomas Edison. more...

Embrace Reality!

By Ron Rosenberg

The current global economic climate has caused us all, at one time or another, to question choices we've made in our careers and in our lives.

For many, it has brought about a state of denial; for others a sense of resentment. There is, however, a third path that not only "feels better" but actually delivers better results.

In one of my ADHD-fueled trips into the depths of the Internet, I happened to come across an article posted on the blog, "My Dubai Online" that talks about a phenomenon called "Mutton Dressed as Lamb."

The author describes it this way: "There are more...

A Better Song...

By Ron Rosenberg

As you work through all of the challenges facing you in your business and your personal life, one thing that can help bring clarity is an understanding of your "core competencies" - the special gifts, talents, and abilities you bring to the table that make you truly unique.

When you utilize these skills effectively, not only do you get better results, but you also feel better about what you're doing and what you accomplish.

I happened to come across an interview with musician John Mayer, where he was talking about a song he wrote many years ago, called "3 x 5."

If more...

Will 2012 Be Your Best Year Ever?

By Ron Rosenberg

It's that time of year again - the end of a traditional holiday season that includes food, family, and hopefully a bit of fun.

The downside of the holidays is that along with all the merriment comes a subtle but definite lack of focus on the business side of our lives. Oh, I know you may have been working, but doesn't it seem like everyone else took the last two weeks of December off completely?!

Well, there are no more excuses any more - everyone should be back to work now - including you!

And while I'm not a big more...