Boy, Do I Hate Rules!

I’ve been getting used to living with my human sister Alyssa in her house near the beach in North Carolina.

She has a nice fenced-in back yard that I can patrol; she takes me on walks in the neighborhood; and, best of all, she lets me sleep in her bed–something Ron and Lorie never let me do.

Oh, sure, they don’t care if I hang out in the chairs in the living room or in the wine room–they don’t even mind if I hang out in the bed in the guest bedroom. But anytime I venture into dangerous territory and take nap on their bed, they yell at me and call me a “bad dog.”

Can you believe that?! Me? A “bad dog?!” Impossible–I mean, I’m adorable, right?

Well, we had kind of a reunion last weekend–Alyssa and her boyfriend Kyle came to Raleigh to see the John Mayer concert. (They brought me to Ron and Lorie’s house, but not to the concert– what’s up with that?)

Well, when I got to the house, it took me a few minutes to remember where ev­erything was. I went upstairs to Ron and Lorie’s room and there it was–that big soft bed with the thick cushy comforter.

I thought about jumping up there and spending a few minutes pawing at it to get it just right...and then Lorie saw me, said my name so I’d look at her, and said, “Don’t even think about it” in a menacing tone that told me she was serious.

I love Ron and Lorie, but they’re so strict about some things.

Sometimes, though, I suppose rules are important. When I visit the lake in Up­state New York, I’m not allowed outside unless I’m on my leash, because I have a tenancy to “ramble” and explore, and sometimes I get lost and everyone has to go on a search party to find me.

There are rules against being mean to small animals (although I do think squir­rels should be exempt from that one!). And there are even rules about what you can and can’t say in your marketing.

I’ve heard Ron and Lorie say that you can do what you need to as long as it’s not illegal, immoral, or unethical. Wait a minute–how does jumping on a bed fall into any of those categories? Hmmm...

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