Clean Up Your Crap!

Well, we’re all moved in to our new house! Overall, it’s a lot of fun, but there are some new things I’ve had to get used to.

For example, I don’ t have my old back yard to patrol any more, but I do get to go on walks in the neighborhood a few times a day, and that’s good because I get to make a lot of new dog  friends.

The chairs are arranged differently soI had to alter my sleeping places–I mean the places where I stand guard by the window to watch out for squirrels.

And because I go on walks now to “do my business,” this adds new responsibilities for everyone: I have to “mark” every tree, shrub, wall, and fire hydrant I pass, and Ron and Lorie have to clean up after me for the other “stuff” I do.

They make all kinds of faces and whiney noises, but it’s really not that difficult: you just take a small plastic bag, put it on your hand like a glove, grab the “stuff,” turn the bag inside-out, and dump the bag into the garbage can.

And if that’s not simple enough, there are even places in our neighborhood where there are special “doggie-doo” trash cans and dispensers for the plasticbags.

But there is something I noticed when I go on these walks: some people don’t pick up their dogs’ poop–they just leave it on the sidewalk, in the road, or even on other people’s lawns!

One time, there was a pile someone left right in front of one of the “poop stations”–I mean they couldn’t even reach out, grab a bag, and put it in the can!!!

I guess some people don’t think they have to clean up after themselves.

And sometimes they do this in other parts of their lives: they create messes that affect other people, and they expect them to clean up the crap.

Life offers enough challenges–try to make sure you’re not adding any of your own to the stack!