Developing a Clearer Life Vision

Have you ever been driving down the highway and the sky turns dark even though it’s in the middle of the day? The automatic lights come on in your car and you look in the distance and see storm clouds brewing.

All of a sudden the storm hits and a deluge of water blasts the wind­shield of your car. You throw your windshield wipers on high, but they are practically useless because you can’t see the road in front of you. You slow your vehicle down to almost a crawl, throw on the flashers, and hope that a tractor trailer doesn’t decide to pass you and cover your car in a massive wave of water that you can barely navigate through.

When you’re in this situation your vision is compromised. You can’t see clearly what’s in front of you, beside you, or behind you. All you can do is inch your way forward in the car until the storm passes, the rain subsides, and your vision clears.

This scenario is as true in busi­ness and in life as it is on the road.

Every day we get obstacles, dis­tractions, or challenges that distort our vision and make it difficult for us to see the path in front of us. When we remove the clutter, our vision becomes clearer and the direction we must take becomes more apparent.

Being Responsive to Customers

For instance, in our own business we’re inundated with e-mail from clients and customers about monthly subscriptions, pertaining to events Ron is speaking at, or regarding goals they’re trying to achieve.

We spend a good portion of our day handling these immediate con­cerns so that we can be responsive to our customers’ needs. And that’s a good thing.

The problem is that it takes time away from what we’re trying to work on as a company. It clouds our thoughts as we seem to be chasing our tails every day trying to make sure that we’re doing what’s right for our customers, yet not getting to the goals we’re trying to achieve.

Spend Time Away from Work

What we’ve found is that when we get away from the day-to-day opera­tions and spend time outside of the office...away from all the distractions that compete for our time, we can actually spend time brainstorming on what we want to do with our busi­ness.

It’s amazing what you can accom­plish when you’re not distracted by e-mail, phone calls, or meetings.

Clearing Your Vision

What happens is that your vision becomes clearer. You are able to tap into your creative self. When you do,you’ll get major breakthroughs and the direction of your business and life will open up and be revealed to you.

Doubt and Uncertainty

Unfortunately we are all built with insecurities. It’s part of human nature. The problem it creates is that it clouds your mind with baggage that gets in the way of real growth. Negativity, self-doubt, and uncertainty are emotions that prevent you from moving in directions where you’ll see real growth and clarity of purpose.

As you peel away the clutter in your brain, as you remove the bag­gage that is holding you back, your vision becomes clearer. You can more readily see the path before you and where it’s leading you.

So what can you do to open up your mind and get yourself on a path for greater clarity and vision?

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Home Cutter

Clutter happens in your home, in your office, and in your brain. To reduce the clutter, you need to do a thorough cleaning in all areas of your life.

In your home, you need to go through each room and see what you absolutely need and if you don’t need it or love it, then get rid of it. If something brings you joy and is a comfort to you, then you should keep it. If it causes you stress, added work, or gets in the way of the things you truly love, then it needs to go.

I used to have beautiful plants in my home. One day I decided they were too much work and added to my already stressful day. I got rid of them and choose silk plants instead. It was a decision I needed to make and helped make my life simpler.

Business Clutter

In your business, it’s a good idea to simplify your product or service offering. You may be providing too many services that you just can’t keep track of or that you can ad­equately manage. You may find that less is actually more.

Plus, take a look at your office en­vironment. Is it conducive to getting work done? Or are there too many distractions that keep you from get­ting your real work accomplished?

Brain Clutter

Finally, is your mind cluttered with useless information? There is inter­net, e-mail, TV, radio, phones, etc. that are all competing for your time and energy. Are you giving yourself a break from technology so that you can focus on what’s important? Multi-tasking is really not a viable work solution because you can’t focus thoroughly on any one task.

2. Exercise

It’s important to exercise as much as possible. It allows you to get away from the stresses of the day and focus on a physical activity. When you’re through, you’re more able to think clearly and be rejuvenated and ready to tackle your work more effectively.

3. Relaxation

Relaxation techniques can aid in your ability to focus on what’s important in life. People do medita­tion, prayer, or just spend time alone in a beautiful outdoor setting. Do whatever frees your thoughts, helps you center your mind and allows you to gain insights into the challenges at hand.

Gaining a Clearer Vision

Maintaining a clear vision takes practice. When you remove the clutter that is inhibiting your focus... when you get into a quiet place and are able to tap into your creative spirit, you open up new possibilities and gain a broader perspective on life that you might not gotten otherwise.