Everyone Needs a Vacation

ChicoWell, it’s been an exciting week for me. I’ve been staying with Ron and Lorie’s daughter, Alyssa, and her boyfriend Kyle for the last month as part of this newfangled “co-parenting” arrangement they’ve been doing.

Ron and Lorie were staying at a cabin on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York for the month of July...and last week we got to visit them.

Can you say, “ROAD TRIP!!!”?

We packed the car and drove from Wilmington all the way up to Canada Lake. Kyle and Alyssa brought my bed and put it in the back seat so I had a place to chill when I wasn’t looking out the windows making sure we weren’t under attack from squirrels.

When we arrived, we stopped at a craft show where Lorie was selling her custom beaded jewelry. All their friends were there and they were all impressed with how good I looked with my cool summer haircut that Alyssa had given me right before we left.

During the week, I got to play in the water, hike in the woods, and tear apart two new stuffed animals.

The last day was best of all because we had a big family reunion at the lake with all my human aunts and uncles and cousins.

And what could be better than a road trip? TWO road trips!! Because on Sunday, we packed up the car and drove all the way back to North Carolina.
Kyle and Alyssa were a little sad because their vacation was coming to an end and they both had “real jobs” to go back to now that they’re both finished with college.

The nice thing was that everyone had a chance to relax, have a change of scenery, and get a break from the “daily grind.”

It’s important to take a vacation now and then–even if it’s just a day off or a long weekend. That way you’ll be more energized when you go back to work.

At least I know I feel that way...look out squirrels...Chico’s back!!!