Moving from Inspiration... to Accomplishment!

You’ve heard many people say something like, “He’s really lazy…he never accomplishes anything.”

“She complains all the time how she doesn’t have any money, but she doesn’t do anything about it.”

“My daughter waits until the last minute to write her papers and then she stays up for hours doing them the night before they’re due.”

Procrastination is something most of us do in one form or another all of the time. Most times it’s because we have to do something we don’t like doing. Sometimes it’s that we’re just not motivated to start a project even if it’s something we enjoy.

It’s interesting how some people actually make an art form out of procrastination. It’s the way they operate. They’re motivated by deadlines or dire consequences from an outside source. For some people, it may take something like a nuclear explosion for them to move out of their own way to get something accomplished.

So what makes people put off what they need to do to be successful? There may be many reasons for this that go beyond my area of
expertise, but in this article I’m going to take a look at ways to help you access that spark within that inspires you to move forward on whatever it is that interests you. And you’ll discover how to do it in a timely fashion without the outside motivation you’ve previously needed to get you moving forward.

But first, think back to times when you jumped onto a task because you enjoyed doing it. It made you feel good and you relished the feeling of accomplishment when you completed it. Your adrenalin was pumping and you had that “high” feeling you get when you’re having fun.

How can you replicate that experience in your work each day? What inspires you and lifts your heart and makes you feel good all over?

Purpose and Meaning
When you do something that has purpose and meaning to you, there’s more of an opportunity to connect with what you love and what is important to you.

Find ways to inject purpose into what you do each day. Sometimes we don’t understand the importance of what we do. When you realize  how important your is to others,you can be inspired to do your best and to make the outcome the best it can be.

Talents and Gifts
Every one of us has talents and gifts. It’s important to recognize your gifts and apply them in everything you do.

Find ways to utilize these gifts in the work you do. For instance if you have a report to write about a project you’re doing, and you express yourself better visually than with written words, you might want to create your report using more visual components such as graphs, diagrams and pictures to capture the essence of what the project is all about. Use your creativity and your natural talents to enhance the experience and inspire you to succeed.

Picture the Outcome
If you’re inspired by acknowledgment and accomplishment, then you may want to picture the outcome before you begin any task or project.

When you can actualize the feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete any project, you can inspire yourself to get started.  This will also help you keep motivated to complete it.

You may not always get that acknowledgment you had hoped for from your boss or peers, but if you can get internal gratification of a job well done and see the fruit of your labors, you will be more apt to put procrastination aside and take action on your tasks and responsibilities.

For many of us it’s tough to keep motivated on a project. A lot of the time we get bored with the project and lose interest. The outcome
doesn’t seem to be worth the effort so we let it go and start on something else that seems more interesting.

So how can we keep motivated to complete our projects without the need for a deadline or an ultimatum looming over our head?

Basically we need to plant the seed that inspires us and motivates us to take action. Once you’ve determined what you want, you need to let go of those things that get in your way and keep you from achieving results. You need to start learning the art of self-motivation.

True motivation comes fromwithin. The difference between truly successful people and those who just meet minimal expectations is the level of motivation they have to take action and keep on track.To keep your motivation high, you have to build your desire, which
we just talked about previously in this article.

Determine what inspires you and fulfills your desires. When you challenge yourself to do something meaningful with a purpose that
inspires you, your motivation will increase.

When you utilize your gifts and talents to achieve your goals, the work will seem effortless because the task is within your wheelhouse…it’s what you like to do and what you’re good at.

When you can picture the outcome of your efforts and internalize the feelings you’ll have when you achieve your goals, you’ll have the
inspiration and motivation you need to continue on your path and accomplish whatever it is you set out to do.

Procrastination is rampant in our society. It’s far easier to sit back and wait for opportunity to come to you than it is to go out and find it. That’s why so many people simply put off doing what they know they need to do to achieve their goals and succeed in their career and life.

Many people wait for outside motivation to force them into action. A better way is to develop your selfmotivation so that you are the one that determines the path you decide to take. When you have the right desire and the right motivation to succeed it makes the journey a whole lot easier.