Be Like an Aspen Grove

It’s good to get back to nature–it’s a change of pace; it’s generally relax­ing; and sometimes you can learn a few valuable lessons by just paying attention.

That Tree Sure Is Pretty... I like aspen trees. We used to have one in our yard at our first house in New Hampshire. The trunk has a unique white bark, and the leaves turn a brilliant yellow color in the Fall.

But there was something I never realized about these trees until some­one brought it to my attention: all of the trees in an aspen grove share a common root system–essentially, they’re all the same tree!

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Get Yourself Tethered

Last month we talked about a service called “Boingo” that gives you free access to Wi-Fi hotspots that would otherwise require a usage fee. At $9.95 a month, using it even once during the month would make it worth the cost. But there’s a solution that lets you use your Smartphone as a modem. First, a little background, and another interesting point in the iPhone vs. Android debate...

Tonight There’s Going to be a Jailbreak... There’s no debating that the original iPhone was a significant break­through technology. It single-handedly transformed the mobile phone from a device used for making the information hub of our more...

Copy Cat

With all the resources at your disposal, it's easier than ever to create a killer marketing piece. And there's one method that makes the process almost effortless.

I spoke a few weeks ago for a local business development council, part of a national network of 39 regional groups, delivering a full-day marketing program to a group of small-business owners and key employees of larger companies. This is always a lot of fun for me, because whenever I have a room full of people who are motivated to succeed, they pay attention, they get what I'm talking about, and they start implementing almost immediately.

As we more...

Discovering My Inner Dog

chicoRon and Lorie have been concerned about me for a while now. Oh, it’s nothing serious–it’s not like I suddenly started swallowing the eyes I rip out of my stuffed animals or anything like that–it’s just they think I’ve forgotten how to be a dog.

I still do “dog things.” I’ve made an art form out of lifting my leg to mark every tree and fire hydrant, fence and lamppost and, well, pretty much any structure I see.

I chase the squirrels out of our yard like nobody’s business. And I’m the reigning world champion at more...

What Companies Need to Know When Building Their Database

By Kyle Smith

In this article you’ll discover the difference between an ordinary contact list and a clean, organized lead list.

Databases are the best friend of businesses. It’s where all the information for your customers is stored and it’s the reason sites like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are able to make offers to you based upon your previous product purchases.

There are a number of different database services for you to choose from, such as MySql, Sql Server, Oracle, and Infusionsoft. What’s important is to build a sound database to ensure that the information you put in is in the right format and is more...

10 Business Networking Tips to Give You an Edge

By Leah H. Carlisle

iStock_000008140633MediumProfessionals are constantly networking to grow themselves and their businesses. It really works. Some people, however, resist networking for whatever reason, either they are too busy and impatient, or they aren’t confident enough to put themselves out there. Still others try, but may not be networking in the best way. The following tips will help you and your business gain an edge through effective networking.

1. Prepare. Before any networking interaction, prepare as much as possible by learning about the potential connections you will be interacting with. Doing more...

How to Use Personality Types to Create Better Teams and Enhance Productivity!

personality_typeWhether you work in a large corporation, a medium sized company, or a small “mom-and-pop” shop, personality plays an important role in your organization’s ability to accomplish your objectives and achieve results.

When you have a cohesive, highperformance team that works in your organization, you’ll witness greater job satisfaction, higher performance, and increased loyalty from your staff.

By understanding your employees’ personality types, you’ll be able to more effectively determine their areas of strengths; and more importantly, you’ll be able to align their job responsibilities with their specific skill set.

When your staff enjoys what they more...

A Donation...Are You Kidding?

US Storm 13Sometimes acronyms and clever sayings can be a little, well, cliche, and yet they can give us an easy way to remember important concepts.

And, in this sense, we always seem to come back to our “4 M’s of Marketing” when looking at the examples we share with you here.

“Message, Market, Media, Moment”– these are the essential building blocks of a great marketing message. They’re straightforward, easy to remember, and incredibly accurate.

Yet people seem to ignore the simplicity and effectiveness of this strategy with alarming frequency. Consider, for more...

Use the L-E-A-P Technique for Handling Customer Conflicts

It’s so much more difficult to get a customer than it is to keep the one you have. That’s why it’s important to monitor the way in which you’re dealing with your customers, especially when they’ve had a problem with you.

Here’s a simple and effective method for handling your customer conflicts. All you have to do is take the LEAP!

Listen: When your customers bring a problem to your attention, the first thing you do is listen, with all of your attention. Let them vent and don’t interrupt. Once they’ve gotten out their anger, then you can empathize.

Empathize: You let them know that more...

TSA to the Rescue?

TSA CheckpointBetween this newsletter and our weekly Tricks & Tales e-mail newsletter, I’m on the hook for seven or eight different articles each month.

To some people, that seems like a lot; to others, it seems almost impossible. But it’s actually much easier than you might imagine...if you pay attention to what goes on around you every day.

The End of a Long Week...

I was on way my home at the end of a long, but very productive trip to speak to a group of business owners in Chicago. They were the top performers more...