Ready to Get Connected?

At some point in the next ten years, we’ll probably see free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access available everywhere, like it is with electricity.

This is happening already at a diverse collection of locations including McDonalds, Starbucks, and many airports. But what if you’re travelling through an airport that doesn’t have free Wi-Fi?  And what happens when you get to your hotel? Because most mid- to high-end hotels only offer free Wi-Fi in the lobby areas–there’s a fee (usually a pretty hefty one!) to access the internet from the guest rooms.

Well,  as usual, we have a solution for you–two actually, one right here, and a more...

Take A Cold Shower to Focus Your Energies

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-person shop, part of a small staff, or a member of a large team – there’s simply more work to get done than there is time to do it in. In my own business, there are days when I’m amazed that I actually get anything accomplished at all!

But have you noticed that when you’re faced with a deadline – and I mean a hard, no-way-out, major-crisis-if-you-miss-it type deadline – that you somehow manage to shift into hyperdrive and complete the work?

Why is that? Simple. You have no choice. You block out all distractions, call upon all your more...

Have Fun with Your Marketing!

Let’s get straight to the point: most marketing is boring.

There are many reasons for this, prime among them the fear most people have that they might “offend” someone if they take it too close to the edge.

And while that can happen, it’s far more common for people to err on the side of safety, and risk losing any connection they might have with the market in the process.

That’s why we teach our Outra­geous Marketing strategies at confer­ences all over the world.

A Word of Caution...

A few words of advice are war­ranted here: you don’t want to switch overnight from a more...

Can I Use a Teleprompter?

It’s always impressive when someone can stand up in front of a group and speak eloquently about a particular topic.

It’s even more impressive when they can do this without referring to their notes.

There are some very gifted teachers, speakers, and clergy who do this so well they make it seem easy–often seeming to be “possessed” as they speak.

On the other hand, there are people who, despite their obvious expertise in the particular subject matter, have absolutely no business standing in front of an audience, as evidenced by the heads nodding off to sleep in complete and total boredom.

Of course, there’s a more...

How to Handle Your E-Mail More Effectively

E-mail consumes more time than we ever thought possible. People can write an e-mail and communicate with someone else without ever having to speak to that person directly.

Depending on how you communicate with your vendors, cus­tomers, and staff, you can become inundated with e-mail questions and details that need to be addressed every day. This can consume hours of your time and can keep you from your more important tasks.

Here are some ways to keep e-mail under control:

Be selective about when you review your e-mail. Select a couple of times during the day to check and respond to e-mail. A good time more...

The 30 + 1 Rule

I’m a big fan of process. Processes let you present a consistent face to the customer, and give you a starting point to work from when you’re trying to correct frequently occurring problems.

But there are times when the process doesn’t work for one reason or another; and in those cases, you have to find a way to fix, change, or circumvent the process–especially when it’s impacting your customers. Sometimes, it’s even necessary for you to try and do this if you’re the customer!

Streamling...or Steamrolling? Last month we talked about a massive rezoning effort being more...

So What is Co-Parenting?

This has been a very exciting time here in the Rosenberg family. As you probably know, in the last few months we moved into our new house and sold our old house in 28 days.

And last week two more things happened: my human sister, Alyssa, graduated from college, and, just three days later, she got the job she wanted as a news reporter for the TV station where she did her internship. Next week she’ll be starting her new job and moving into a  new house with her boyfriend. I didn’t get to go to more...

Wonder Woman Airlines: 3 Ways to Create Amazing Customer Experiences


By Dave Sheffield

Most business leaders understand the importance of having the right person with the right kind of attitude being in charge of first impressions for their business. Whether that person is answering phones or greeting customers as they walk into your business; attitude is everything when it comes to first impressions!

Those of us who travel frequently often play the “attitude lotto” every time we fly. I understand that the act of cramming 250 complete strangers into a metal tube for 3 hours at 35,000 feet is nothing short of an extraordinary event, more...

Lessons From a 13-Year-Old

What motivates people to provide great service?

I have some ideas about this, but I’ll admit I certainly don’t have a magic formula–if I did, I would bottle it and send it to every company, vendor, and supplier we have to deal with in the course of the day.

I suspect your observations are similar. For example, when I ask a room full of people to think about a time when they got horrible service, it generally takes about three seconds for them to come up with an example. In fact, the real challenge for them seems to be selecting which one of the bad more...

Ready to Feel the Burn?

We spend a lot of time in this column talking about the tools you can use to become more productive and get more done in your day. Most of these tools involve software or physical products. But if you don’t take care of your health, the rest of it doesn’t really matter.

But I Don’t Have Time to Exercise!

That’s probably true, and you don’t have time to work on your business or on your personal relationships either. But in all of these cases, one of two things happens: either you make time, or you pay the price for ignoring these important areas of your more...