So What is Co-Parenting?

This has been a very exciting time here in the Rosenberg family. As you probably know, in the last few months we moved into
our new house and sold our old house in 28 days.

And last week two more things happened: my human sister, Alyssa, graduated from college, and, just three days later, she got the job she wanted as a news reporter for the TV station where she did her internship. Next week she’ll be starting her new job and moving into a  new house with her boyfriend. I didn’t get to go to graduation–they have some silly “No Dogs Allowed” rule, but I did hear Ron and Lorie talk about something called “Co-Parenting.

” Apparently, this is a thing some couples do after they’ve gotten divorced–they share responsibility for their children, living in nearby locations  and sometimes even in the same house.

This approach is supposed to provide more stability for the kids and help them adjust to the challenges that a divorce situation can bring. Since I didn’t think Ron and Lorie were getting divorced, I kind of eavesdropped on their conversation with Alyssa. And I liked what I heard! Because the landscaping and lawn maintenance are taken care of at the new house, Ron and Lorie are free totravel more frequently...and on very short notice.

The only problem is, well, me. That’s because they have to arrange for the neighbors to watch me. But now it looks like I’m going to be spending part  of my time with Ron and Lorie, and part of my time at Alyssa’s new house! This is perfect, because I really like my sister. She plays with me all the time; she takes me on long walks, and, best of all, she lets me sleep in her bed–something Ron and Lorie never let me do. This isn’t a typical situation, but it’s one that’s going to work out well for all of us. Can you find any new ways of looking at things that might make your life a bit more enjoyable.

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