The Ten Top Tips To Keep Your Business Organized

By Van Theodorou

Whether you own your own small business or are the office man­ager of a large firm, there is one thing in common–finding ways to stay organized. While many of us have organizational skills at home, bringing them to work is often a different story.

1. Keep things out of sight. If you have clients coming into your office, this is extremely important to the perception the client has of your company. This is equally important for those offices where clients never visit. Why? Because office clutter can make employ­ees feel down and even get them disorganized as well.

2. Organization closets. Closets are great places to keep supplies and extra equipment as long as they stay organized. Label shelves so that everything has a place.

3. Keep a box for excess items. This box comes in handy for items that nobody knows what to do with. Instead of jamming these items onto a shelf, make a box and label it just for items like this. Keep it in the bottom of the closet and let people know what it’s for. Every so often clean out the box and decide what needs to be done with the items.

4. Use handy desk accessories. Desks in open areas look good when everyone has the same type and color of office accesso­ries. Figure out which items would work best for your type of busi­ness. Then, order desk equipment in bulk to save money.

5. Organize bills for easy review and payment. If you are using an accountant, keep an envelope for current bills and then file older ones. Review telephone bills to see if different services are needed based on current calling patterns.

6. Choose desks and cubicles for maximum storage and ease of use. If the desk does not have enough room, people tend to expand out of the desk onto the floor or into common areas. Each person should have access to at least one file cabinet drawer and several other drawers for other items.

7. If your type of business requires common files, always opt for a file room as opposed to placing stor­age file cabinets out in the open throughout the office.

8. Coffee or break rooms are a nice convenience because they allow people to have lunch even when they may not have time to leave the office. These rooms can become a nightmare if not kept up. Encourage people to clean up after themselves. easily keep the areas clean.

9. Hire a good cleaning service. Most offices require the use of a cleaning service. They can come nightly or less often as needed. They can remove garbage and re­cycling, clean the break room and vacuum and clean floors.

10. Share the responsibility for cleanliness and organization. En­sure that employees know what is expected of them such as keeping their desk, cubicle area or office organized.


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