Why Having the Right Mindset Is Essential to Being Successful in Life

By Jamie Cocco-Dunkleberger

Have you ever noticed that when you are playing and doing what you love and are passionate about, the task or activity feels effortless and so much easier to engage in than an activity you don’t love so much? It may seem that these activities are easier to do and time seems to fly by. Your attitude is much more positive and you feel more relaxed. You tend not to think about what you are doing or how you are doing it: you just, well, do. This is also a time where you feel great about yourself in every aspect of life and nothing else in the world matters.

When doing something you love, enjoy, and are passionate about, your mind is in a state where frustration, fear, and anxiety are no longer present and you feel free from those shackles. Your mind naturally falls into a state of creativity that is genuine and it shows in your attitude.

When you are engaging in activities or tasks that are not preferred, expected or demanded of you, and feel like more of a “job” than play, your mindset changes. Your attitude and frame of mind go from positive to negative; this is where your mind is at its lowest. Problems arise and you may feel like you are suffering by being put through the absolute worst kind of torture imaginable. When you go from play to this lower state of mind you begin to naturally show resistance towards yourself and your obligations in life and towards others.

Put Yourself in the State of Creating and Feeling Good About Yourself

The state of creating is a mindset where you are feeling good about yourself, your productivity increases as does your intuition. When in this mindset, you use all the energy you have to create these positive feelings and outcomes for yourself.

Your creativity can come out in various forms: writing, taking risks, trying new things, painting, etc. This will also show as a person working in the business world as it will help you become more creative in your presentation techniques, speaking with potential and current customers, and developing new and innovative marketing strategies.

Remember, being in this creative mindset is a positive way to think. You will know when you are in this mindset because you will begin to feel a sense of joy and tedious tasks will not feel so tedious. A magical feeling will come over you; you will feel a sense of empowerment and may feel a certain spark or magical push to get those tasks done with little effort, without over-thinking the task at
hand, and, in turn, you will feel less resistance to completing those tasks.

The most important thing to remember: let go of the resistance! If you are in this positive mindset or any other positive mindset, resistance to completing tasks or engaging in certain activities will disappear leaving you feeling less frustrated, less fatigued, energized, and excited about taking on new challenges and following through with those challenges.

One of the key components to being in this creative mindset is that you are not aiming for a specific outcome. If something does not work with the task you are working on, you accept that and immediately begin to make changes, correct the mistakes, adapt to the quick changes of the situation and continue working on the task.

Again, there is no sense of failure in this positive mindset; through each mistake you make, you take that in, run with it, and continue to improve and learn from those mistakes. The eventual unintentional outcome is mastering all aspects of the activity until you are the best at completing this task in your field of work.

All of the effort you put forth to making those tasks and activities work–including making adaptations and coming up with new solutions– will bring a sense of fulfillment, excitement, pride, and most importantly happiness. You may feel unstoppable and your elation will be so strong that you will want to share your products and services with the world because you now know that many people will benefit from them. This is because you decided to take action to improve the situation rather than focus on the fact that you failed.

Once you have reached this state of acceptance, your core abilities will naturally resonate from you and it will be effortless. You will be able to think clearly, your self-esteem will improve, and you will be able to express yourself more positively allowing others to see the positive mindset you are in. You will also be able to express your feelings openly without resistance or hesitation, your intuition and creativity will become sharper and more prevalent, you will be able to connect with others effortlessly and comfortably, and your ability to grow will increase.

No Thinking = No Resistance

Over-thinking (or just thinking in general) can stop anyone in their tracks. You begin to obsess over things that are non-essential or that you have no control over. Thinking about making a change and actually doing it are two different things. The only way to take back control of your negative thoughts is to take action. When you are in this creative state of mind, your mind is relaxed and blank; you are not thinking about anything– your mind is free. This will help you achieve effectiveness in the actions you take to fix a situation. Don’t think. Just act!

Being Attached to a Specific Outcome Will Set You Up to Fail

As long as you fixate yourself on a specific outcome, you are not allowing  yourself to go to that creative and serene mindset. Instead you are either trying to control or avoid the situation. When you are constantly trying to strive for success, you are essentially setting yourself up to fail because you are so focused on NOT failing.  Also, your creativity and feelings of being spontaneous disappear.

Instead of focusing on avoiding failure, focus on putting yourself into a create mindset. Fixating yourself on a specific outcome will lead to frustration and disappointment when that outcome does not occur.

Correct, Change, and Adapt Your Mindset and Your Way of Thinking

If you often find yourself constantly searching for new ideas and struggling with coming up with a plan to change things, you immediately put yourself in a negative mindset. When people are constantly telling you that your ideas are not possible, you can’t get it done, or you shouldn’t change things at this point in time when things have always operated this way for years, it is important to keep your composure and not take these criticisms personally. Many higher-ups in large companies have done the same things consistently for several years and may be resistant to the change. Do not allow yourself to fall into their trap. Just shake it off and move on.

Do not allow other people’s resistance to change force you into a state of resistance; you will become frustrated and will begin to question your own capabilities in your position. Remember, being in and staying in the creative mindset will continue to feed that positive energy and it is that energy that drives improvement and change. Only those people who are in the mindset of fear of change
can stop change.

Continue to Learn and Improve Yourself and Your Skills to Maximize Productivity

Results will only happen if you are willing to adapt and change your way of thinking. Once you have mastered this you will be able to learn so much more about your own capabilities and where to improve.

For example, as a toddler learning to walk, you probably took
several falls but yet got right back up and tackled the challenge. This is a natural reaction for a toddler. First you learn to crawl, then walk, then eventually run.

This same concept can be applied to the “real world.” You may be presenting change to someone and you
get knocked down. Don’t allow yourself to stay down: get right back up and start pushing for change again. That is the mindset you need to be in to maximize your productivity and continuously improve yourself.

You will always be learning regardless of how old you are. That’s because everything that is involved in your life is a learning process.

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