Extreme Customer Loyalty

By Ron Rosenberg

It seems as if the concept of "loyalty" has gotten lost in this age of search engines and online shopping. Certainly, the idea that you'll work for a single employer for your entire career now seems almost nostalgic.

But there are some cases where customer loyalty still reigns supreme. Delta is now my primary airline, and I will sometimes take somewhat inconvenient flights to make sure I get the miles needed to maintain my Platinum status.

Even though I might be able to find the same item for slightly less elsewhere, we buy our wine from our local wine shop, Wine 101, because the owner there, Joe O'Keefe, knows what we like and we trust his recommendations.

And if you ride motorcycles, then you've almost certainly encountered the near-fanatical loyalty that Harley Davidson owners have towards their bikes.

The most telling sign of this is the fact that many of them have the Harley Davidson logo tattooed on their bodies - sometimes in places that don't normally see daylight!

Look, I like my Toyota Camry; I enjoy flying on Delta; and I like to visit Wine 101...but I can assure you, I don't have any of these companies' logos permanently inked on my body!

Although it's not likely to happen, your goal should be to do everything you can to build customer loyalty so intense that your customers, clients, and members might even joke about gracing their bodies with your company's logo!