Get Well Soon!

By Ron Rosenberg

Despite all our encouragement to put whole parts of your marketing on "auto-pilot" with tools like Infusion, sometimes it's the personal touch that can make a real impact.

A few weeks ago, our dog, Chico, was attacked by another dog in our backyard. He needed a trip to the doggie emergency room, some stitches, and some pain medication (his favorite part!) but he's alright now.

We wrote about this in our Inner Circle newsletter, and about some of the lessons to be learned from an experience like this.

Yesterday, though I received a surprise in the mail. Actually, Chico got the surprise - an envelope addressed to him!

I checked the address, and it was from Jack Giamportone, our financial planner. We had just done one of our monthly Gold Coaching Webinars on How to Use Animals in Your Marketing, so I thought this might be an example Jack was sending me to review.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was a "Get Well Soon" card, from Jack and his branch administrator, Kimberly Cobb, wishing Chico a speedy recovery from his injury.

Relationships are important, and sending a birthday card, recognizing a child's accomplishment from the local paper, or well, sending a get-well card to a dog, can go a long way in developing successful and long-term relationships.