How's Business?

By Ron Rosenberg

As you know we recently held our membership survey. We do this periodically to better understand the major issues and challenges our members and subscribers are facing. The response was great, and the results were very informative.
The major business challenges included:

  • Declining revenues and increasing expenses
  • Following up effectively with new leads
  • Gaining market share in a declining market
  • Trying to do more in less time
  • Getting the right message to the right customer
  • Identifying prospects to target

We learned a bit about how you're all using the information we share with you in our various newsletters, audios, and webinars:

  • Challenging the status quo and applying different thoughts and perspectives to areas of concern
  • Helps me to consider other ideas that I may not have otherwise
  • Ideas on tailoring the message and knowing the client
  • Helps to refocus my thoughts toward growing my business rather than just working in it.
  • Created an environment where we anticipate customer/client needs before they realize they even have them!

There were many more - too many, in fact, to list here - but the bottom line is that these are challenging times, and you have to take advantage of every available resource you have access to, including this newsletter.

Make sure that you're present to your surroundings, alert to opportunities, and setting aside time to actually implement the great ideas that you find along the way.