April 2017 Newsletter


Week 1: Productivity & Mindset
How to Focus More Effectively…and Achieve Results!

If you want to accomplish anything at all, you have to dedicate enough time to it to achieve results. And for most people, this is extremely difficult. With all the distractions – TV, Internet, cell phones, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and Twitter – it’s a wonder they get anything done at all. And for many people, focus is a constant struggle to begin with. They come up with so many great ideas, but just can't seem to follow through on any of them.
Find out why maintaining focus is so difficult nowadays and ways to help you focus more effectively on your goals to achieve better results every single day.

Week 2: Marketing & Innovation
Cream of the Crop!

Do people get better results because they invest in their education? Or do they invest in education because they're already successful?

I know it's a "chicken and egg" kind of question, but if you take the time to collect and analyze the data, you can come up with a pretty compelling marketing campaign!

Week 3: At Your Service
The Doctor is In!

If you've ever had to sit in a doctor's waiting room for 30 minutes, go to another facility for an X-Ray, and then battle with your insurance company about what's actually covered from the visit, then you'll find this article particularly interesting.

We recently discovered the model of "Direct Primary Care" - sometimes called "concierge medicine" - and it could have a significant impact on how healthcare is delivered.

Week 4: Tools of the Trade
Do You Need Some Help?

There are lots of services that can help you outsource business-operations tasks like transcribing data, editing audio, and researching new projects.

But what about times when you need something accomplished in person?

That's where "Thumbtack" can come in handy, and we've already had several opportunities to try it out!



Tom Brown

Media Barker

Marketing with Email and Social Media!

There's just no way to avoid it anymore - you really do need to use email and social media as part of your marketing mix. But how do you do it in a way that gives you a tangible return on investment and doesn't become a money pit?

In this information-packed interview, Tom Brown, President and Owner of Media Barker, will let you know how you can create a successful social-media presence.

You'll discover:

  • What exactly is "Digital Marketing Strategy?"
  • Which platforms you need to use
  • Why email is still relevant...and important!


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