December 2017 Newsletter


Week 1: Productivity & Mindset
Put a Little "Ho Ho Ho" in Your Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us and that means a lot of added stress in addition to our already full plate of responsibilities. This year discover some useful strategies to help you navigate the holidays with fewer obligations and greater joy than ever before!

Week 2: Marketing & Innovation
The Family Tree

You never really know how the customer is going to react to an overwhelmingly positive experience that is completely unexpected. And when customers react favorably, it can take you down a very profitable path.

Week 3: At Your Service
Make It Right!

Sometimes things go wrong, but if you correct the situation quickly and definitively, it can actually increase customer loyalty.

Find out how one company took a bad situation and recovered nicely.

Week 4: Tools of the Trade
Transfer Some Files!

There are many tools that let you share files across organizations to assist in collaboration.

But sometimes all you need to do is send someone a file. Here's a quick tool that makes that easy!



Gail Goodman

The Phone Teacher

Appointment Setting in a High Tech World

Technology has affected our world in a million ways. Businesses need to reevaluate their marketing methods to increase their chances of getting a new prospect on the phone and set up a face-to-face meeting. Appointment setting has changed and to be successful, you need to update how you approach your potential new clients.

In this information-packed interview, Gail B. Goodman - The Phone Teacher - will show you how to do just that.

You'll discover:

  • The big mistakes people make on the phone
  • The formula for creating an effective phone script
  • Why "millennials" don't like to make calls at work

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