May 2016 Newsletter


Week 1: Productivity & Mindset
Resistance is Futile…Or Is It?

If you’ve ever seen the TV series, Star Trek – The Next Generation, you’re familiar with the race of cybernetic aliens called “The Borg.” Their mission was to assimilate other species into their collective hive, while assuring their victims that, “Resistance is Futile!” Yet resistance provides the necessary motivation to propel you beyond indifference and complacency and motivate you to achieve greater levels of success. Discover how this “sink or swim” stimulus can challenge you to make positive changes that will improve your performance and effectiveness at work and in your personal life.

Week 2: Marketing & Innovation
It's All About the Experience

You can have the best product or the most useful service, but if it's difficult for people to work with you, then long-term success will be difficult to maintain.

Follow along as we review three specific examples of companies that put in the effort to maintain a great relationship.

Week 3: At Your Service
Consider the Source

When someone gives you a list of "recommended resources," you naturally assume there's been some research that went into producing that list.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and the effects can be inconvenient, if not outright dangerous. We'll look at one case and see just how comical it can be!

Week 4: Tools of the Trade
Just Flip Through It!

It's important to have a good website, but there are other ways to share information that can be even more effective.

This month, we'll look at a tool that can help you create interactive "flipbooks" using nothing more than a PDF and some content links!



Michelle Pascoe

Optimum Operating Procedures and Services

Lessons from an Undercover Customer

You might think you're providing top-notch service, but is that what your customers are seeing?

In this interview, we'll visit with Michelle Pascoe who joins us all the way from Australia to share her expertise in the area of "Mystery Shopping."

You'll discover:

  • Why mystery shopping is an effective and affordible way to increase customer loyalty
  • How the customer-service landscape has changed
  • What you should measure when assessing your level of service


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