September 2017 Newsletter


Week 1: Productivity & Mindset
How Personality Type Affects Your Behavior!

Your personality type affects the way you think and behave in business and in your personal life. Find out why understanding the nature of personality types is so important to help you surround yourself with the right people that will promote your goals and objectives.

Week 2: Marketing & Innovation
Have a Plan

Marketing is like most things in life: if you don't have a plan, then you tend to drift aimlessly, accomplishing very little.

The good news is that there are some clear strategies and helpful resources you can use to help you craft and execute an effective marketing plan.

Week 3: At Your Service
They Didn't Do What They Were Supposed to

One of the problems with large companies is that often one department doesn't talk to the other, and this can have consequences ranging from simply annoying to clearly illegal.

We'll see one example of this and learn some valuable lessons on how to avoid this in your own organization!

Week 4: Tools of the Trade

There are times when you simply can't take notes fast enough. That's why many conferences offer audio and video recordings of the keynote and breakout sessions which you can then have transcribed into a Word or PDF document.

Until recently, this process could be very costly. Fortunately, there's a new service that can transcribe recordings within minutes, and at a price that will truly amaze you.



Russell Trahan

PR/PR Public Relations

How to Get Great Press Coverage

In these times of information overload, it's more important than ever to cut through the clutter and make sure your message gets through to your target markets.

In this informative interview, Russell Trahan, owner and president of PR/PR Public Relations will share some proven strategies to get media coverage that will help you grow your business and increase revenue.

You'll discover:

  • What is considered "publicity", and why you need it
  • Why you need both in-print and online publicity
  • How to write a press release the media will want

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