Painter Pants

By Ron Rosenberg

painter man at work with color swatches samples, wall painting concept

Mastery is an important concept, but one that is difficult to define.

There are guitarists like Pat Metheny, Don Ross, and Billy McLaughlin who have such an extraordinary connection with their music that all you can do is sit and stare in complete amazement as you watch them play.

One characteristic of mastery is that it allows a person to do something difficult and complicated, while making it seem easy and effortless.

And it presents itself in many different areas.

Welcome to Our House!

Our daughter and her fiance just closed on their first house last week. This is an exciting time for them, particularly because it's a "seller's market" in their price range, and they were fortunate to even get the property in the first place.

With a bit of time before moving out of their current rental, they're taking the opportunity to paint the interior of their new house while it's still empty.

We stopped by the other day to see how things were going and chatted with the painter for a bit. I couldn't help but notice that, although he had been painting all day, his white painter's pants were completely clean - not a drop of paint on them at all. In fact, his hands had very little paint on them either.

I commented that they were the cleanest pair or painter's pants I had ever seen, and his response was very interesting.

He said that if you do it right, all the paint should go on the wall - not on your clothes, not your hands, and certainly not on the floor. He went on to explain that he started in this business when he was 20, and he was now approaching 60, so he's had some time to get it right.

Wisdom Comes from Experience

This kind of mastery can only come from experience. I'm sure that when he started out nearly 40 years ago, his pants probably looked like some abstract artist's idea of fashion. But when you work your craft, develop your skills, and make a conscious and deliberate effort to improve, you can only get better.

Think about your own skill set - are you stagnating at your current level of expertise or are you moving towards mastery?

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