Script Your Day

By Ron Rosenberg

Planning your day is important, but in these complex times a basic schedule is simply not enough, especially when there's more to do than there is time to do it.

Let me give you an example. We recently converted our garage into a workout room to give us enough space to practice karate, to do our strength training, and, in the winter, to put our road bikes on "trainers" so we can use them even when it's too cold outside to ride.

Since cross-training is important, we use a combination of aerobic and strength exercises to stay as healthy as we can, and we recently added kettlebells to our routine. If you've never seen these before, imagine a large cannonball with a handle, and you'll pretty much have it.

The construction of this device lends itself to a wider variety of exercises than would be possible with a dumbbell.

So one morning, I "scheduled" an hour early in the day to do a kettlebell workout. I did some warmup exercises, some light stretching, and than started out with the weights. The problem was I hadn't "scripted" out the entire workout, and so when I felt like it was enough, I stopped.

Trust me, it wasn't enough, and I had short-changed my own workout and failed to get the maximum benefit - even though I had scheduled the time on my calendar, and had gotten up early enough in the morning to get it done.

Feeling guilty about this, I took some time and developed the routine. This is a complete workout including warmups with karate katas (both empty-hand and weapons), stretching, a difficult strength exercise called "Turkish Get-Ups," three difficult "supersets" with three different exercises repeated one after the next with minimum rest time, and then an "ab" workout followed by some heavy stretching.

I'm sharing this with you not so you can do this particular routine, but to demonstrate an important concept. When I did my workout without a specific plan (a script for what I was going to do) I accomplished very little, despite having set aside the time.

When I went into the garage with a specific workout - a step-by-step program with measurable objectives - I got the workout I needed, and maximized the benefit I got from each and every minute I spent there.

It's not enough to just block out time on your calendar for a specific task or project, you need to be as specific as possible about what you want to accomplish during that time.

In the final analysis, success is not determined by effort, but rather by results. Try to script your day and you'll see exactly how much more you'll actually get done!