A Simple Formula for Success

Studying.By Ron Rosenberg

As I'm writing this article, we've just rounded the corner into a new year.

I've always found it curious that the changing of the year seems to be the time when people take stock of their lives and try to make big changes in the form of New Year's Resolutions.

In fact, I just saw a cartoon on Facebook, where one character asks, "What's a New Year's resolution?" and the other character answers, "It's what you do the first three weeks of January."

In other words,  people make a long list of things they're going to be committed to in the coming year, but then "life" gets in the way, and what started out as sincere intentions gets tossed to the side, with resignation, regret, and frustration.

This is the same phenomenon that causes health clubs and gyms to be packed full in January...and virtually empty in February.

So What's the Secret Then?

I'm pretty sure there's no "magic pill" that can make someone successful, but I will share a simple two-part formula that's proven effective time and time again:

Intention + Action = Opportunity
Opportunity + Action = Success

The Power of Intention

When you identify, articulate, and formalize your goals, it adds a layer of clarity that helps you focus on what's important to you, determine how to invest your resources, and recognize what's "noise" that needs to be filtered out.

If you start taking concrete and deliberate steps in the direction you've selected, a strange thing will happen: opportunities will start to appear.

It may not be as obvious as thinking, "I need to get a new car" and then the next day your cousin calls to say she has one she doesn't need anymore. But things will begin to happen. An old friend will call out of the blue. A post will appear on social media inviting you to join a group or attend a webinar. A random conversation with a total stranger will turn into a productive business relationship.

I'm certainly not going to try and explain how this relates to various faiths, religions, or belief systems. But I think most of you will recognize that something like this has happened at some point in your life and that it's probably happened more than once.

Hmmm...What Does This Mean?

The challenge is to recognize these opportunities for what they represent: a response to your formation of intention and your willingness to do something to bring that intention to life.

The problem is that when this happens, most people simply shake their heads, and say, "Well, that was pretty random!" and then do nothing more with the opportunity that's been presented to them.

The Key is Taking Action

The common theme in both parts of this "success formula" is taking action. How many times have you thought about something you'd like to accomplish, but it never went anywhere past that "imagination phase?"

If there's one thing to consider - now, at the beginning of the year, or at any point in your life, it's this: nothing happens until you take the first step. Taking action - any action - will always produce more results than sitting back and doing nothing.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing some strategies to help you formalize your intentions, recognize opportunities, and learn to take action when they appear.

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